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Children and Young People's Plan

The Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP) is an important element of the changes proposed in the Children Act 2004. This is a single, strategic, overarching plan for all local services for children and young people.

The latest document setting out the Children and Young People's Plan is the Children and Young People's Plan (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window).

The vision of the Children's Trust Board is to improve the lives of all children and young people and narrow the gap so that the experience of the majority is the experience of all.

The plan for 2014-2016 focuses on areas that will require additional effort to help those children and young people who are vulnerable and in challenging circumstances overcome the barriers to their success. We want all children to succeed; this plan sets out what we will do and how we will achieve that aim.

Together with others, we will continue to work towards making sure Dorset is a good place to be when young and that the wider opportunities for learning and living within the county continue into adulthood.


The plan contains a range of priorities for Children and Young People such as:

  • Participation of young people in post 16 learning will increase and opportunities will widen
  • All children, young people and their families will be supported more effectively to adopt healthy and fulfilling lifestyles

However the plan also addresses some of the principles that service and practitioners will adopt to make the CYPP a reality for children, young people and their parents and carers in Dorset.

These principles include:

  • Services and practitioners will challenge the stereotype of children and young people as a problem by celebrating their contributions to society
  • Services and practitioners will recognise the diversity of our 0-19 population and ensure services and staffing levels mirror the wider demographic
  • The gap between the achievement of vulnerable groups and the majority will narrow across all key stages
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