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Report a dead animal in Dorset

Report a dead animal in Dorset online and get advice about dead animals on roads, public land and beaches.

Road kill, pets, farm animals and large animals

If you find a dead animal that has been run over or dumped on a road or public land, you can report it below.

If the animal is on the road and presenting a danger to road users, please call us on 01305 221020 for emergency assistance.

We can arrange disposal of large or medium-sized animals, such as foxes, badgers, domestic pets, deer, horses, sheep or cows. Unfortunately we cannot dispose of small animals such as birds, mice, rabbits or squirrels.

If a dead animal is on private land it is the landowner's responsibility to dispose of it. However, this may be arranged by the local council.

We will try to ascertain ownership of any dead domestic pets we collect.

Whales, dolphins and seals on beaches

If you find a dead or stranded whale or dolphin on a beach you should contact the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) hotline (opens in a new window) immediately.

If the animal is on private land, which many Dorset beaches are, the landowner is responsible for disposing of it.  However, this may be arranged by the local council.

You should also report a dead whale, porpoise or dolphin to the Receiver of Wreck (opens in a new window).

Dispose of a dead pet

For advice about disposing of domestic pets, you should contact your vet.

If you find an unidentified dead domestic pet, such as a stray cat, please report it below.

You can also find out about council dog warden services in Dorset.


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