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Dorchester Transport and Environment Plan (DTEP) proposals

Proposals are to make improvements to seven junctions in Dorchester town centre.

Following the scaling back of DTEP in 2014, the scheme will now deliver the elements that include the deferred maintenance and improvement works, plus some environmental enhancements, but not the one-way traffic in the High Street.


DTEP objectives are:

  • support the economic prosperity of the town

  • provide a higher quality environment

  • protect and enhance the historic fabric of the town

  • reduce traffic speeds

  • improve access for pedestrians, cyclists, the elderly and disabled 

  • maintain vehicular access for emergency, servicing and public transport

  • provide accessible car parking for shoppers, residents and other essential users

Maintenance and improvement works

Top O' Town - work completed

Pedestrian islands widened to comply with current crossing standards.

Great Western Cross - work completed

The old signal equipment was in need of urgent renewal, and the new junction (pdf, 288kb) (opens in a new window) significantly improves pedestrian safety by providing controlled pedestrian crossings on all arms of the junction. 

To keep traffic flowing and maximise the capacity of the junction, the following vehicle movements are now banned:

  • left turns from Damers Road into Cornwall Road
  • right turns from Great Western Road into Cornwall Road
  • right turns from Damers Road into Victoria Road
  • right turns from Maumbury Road into Great Western Road
  • left turns from Dorchester West Station into Damers Road

We have received reports of vehicles at Great Western Cross ignoring the banned right turn from Great Western Road into Cornwall Road and coming into conflict with pedestrians using the Cornwall Road crossing.

To maintain pedestrian safety we have adjusted the timing of Damers Road and Great Western Road traffic signals to help pedestrians at Cornwall Road to cross safely before the traffic. We will also change the signal head arrangements on Great Western Road from full green aspect to 'left turn' and 'ahead only' green arrows, and will also consider additional directional road marking arrows.

We have installed a video surveillance camera to capture images of vehicles executing banned turns at this junction in order to provide the police with evidence of this behaviour.

South Gate - work completed

Existing pedestrian crossings have been upgraded from 'pelican' to 'puffin' technology (giving particular benefits for the partially sighted)  improve pedestrian links between South Street and Brewery Square (pdf, 882kb) (opens in a new window), and linking the crossings on South Street, Trinity Street and Great Western Road to improve traffic flow through the junction. 

The pedestrian crossing on South Walks Road is also being relocated further west, as close as possible to the pedestrian desire line.

Lower South Street - work completed

The town centre shopping area has been enhanced, providing visual continuity between New Street and South Street by  Paving the remaining southern section of the road (pdf, 508kb) (opens in a new window).

High Street junction with Trinity Street - starting 4 September

The pedestrian environment has been improved by widening the footpath between Glyde Path Road and Trinity Street, and upgrading the existing pedestrian crossings to 'puffin' technology (giving particular benefits for the partially sighted).

To help the flow of traffic at peak times - and improve air quality - the scheme included the removal of parking bays and restricting loading and Glyde Path Road is now closed to traffic.

Damers Road junction with Williams Avenue - scheduled for 2018

The improvements at Great Western Cross are likely to reduce queuing on Damers Road, which will attract drivers to use it.  If left as it is, the Williams Avenue junction will not be able to cope with this extra traffic.

This scheme aims to improve traffic flow on the westbound approach to the junction and reduce the chance of tailbacks into the Great Western Cross junction.  

Maumbury Cross and link road - scheduled for 2018

The junction will be redesigned to include controlled pedestrian crossings on all arms of the crossroads and increase the efficiency of the junction for traffic. This will improve pedestrian safety and disabled access to the market and town centre.

A link road through the car park (subject to agreement) is also being considered.

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