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Dorset Waste Partnership - councils working together

The Dorset Waste Partnership provides waste services for seven Dorset councils.

What is the Dorset Waste Partnership?

The Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) was launched in April 2011, bringing together seven Dorset councils in an equal partnership to provide waste, recycling and street cleaning services on the partners' behalf.

The partner councils of the DWP are:

  • Christchurch Borough Council
  • Dorset County Council
  • East Dorset District Council
  • North Dorset District Council
  • Purbeck District Council
  • West Dorset District Council
  • Weymouth and Portland Borough Council

The DWP is not a separate legal body. It is hosted by one of its partners, Dorset County Council, which employs its staff and provides its support services.

The DWP does not include Bournemouth and Poole unitary councils but it does work closely with them.

Which services does the Dorset Waste Partnership provide?

The DWP provides the following services on behalf of its partners:

Who runs the Dorset Waste Partnership?

The DWP is overseen by the Dorset Waste Partnership Joint Committee (opens in a new window), which consists of two councillors from each partner council, each with an equal vote. Find details of Joint Committee meetings (opens in a new window).
The formation of the DWP followed the adoption by all seven councils of a new Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Dorset in 2009 following extensive public consultation. The strategy guides the way waste will be managed in the county over the next 25 years.

Aims and achievements

By 2018/19, the DWP aims to:

  • Increase Dorset's recycling rate to 68%
  • Reduce landfill waste to less than 15%
  • Increase customer satisfaction to more than 80%
  • Drive down costs by £2m a year

By working together, sharing resources and providing services across boundaries, we can provide high quality services more efficiently and effectively. In its first year the DWP met its savings target of £1.4m.

Recycle for Dorset: The kerbside collection service for Dorset

All of the partner councils in the DWP agreed to introduce a standardised, county-wide recycling and refuse collection service, called the 'recycle for Dorset' service. The service was introduced across the county to replace the previous 12 collection systems and was completed in October 2015.

In areas where it has been introduced, recycling rates have doubled to more than 60% and customer satisfaction has increased to nearly 90%.

Contact the Dorset Waste Partnership

If you want to report a problem, request a service or enquire about something, you can save time by doing it online:

If you would like more information, you can contact the Dorset Waste Partnership.

  • Glass Future of waste

    In June 2009 Dorset councils published a joint strategy to guide the way they deal with waste over the next 25 years.

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