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How we work at Dorset County Council

In order to meet its objectives and deliver services efficiently and effectively Dorset County Council is organised into four directorates.

Each is run by a Director, and they in turn are responsible to the Chief Executive Debbie Ward.

Chief Executive's carries out policy and performance roles across the county council. It includes Financial Services, Legal & Democratic Services, Communications and Human Resources.

Children's Services areas of work (led by director Nick Jarman ), includes early years, schools, child care, child protection, fostering and adoption, children with disabilities and special needs, student support, youth offending and youth and community.

Environment and Economy Directorate (led by director Mike Harries), includes Building Management, Planning, ICT and Customer Care, Transportation, Dorset Highways, Valuation and Estates, and Economic Development.

Adult and Community Services (led by Chief Executive Debbie Ward),includes all care services for adults, community safety, health partnerships, Trading Standards, Registration Service, Library Service and adult education.

The council is run by a council of elected members and details of the councillors and their role can be found on the A to Z of county councillors (opens in a new window).

The county council produces a forward plan of key decisions. This plan contains information about the topics on which a key decision will need to be made by the council's cabinet. The decisions will relate to areas where there is likely to be a significant budgetary implication or a significant effect on communities in Dorset.

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