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Curriculum Topic Resource Lists

A selection of popular school topics alongside information on relevant documents from our collections.

  • Drawing of Parliamentary troops uniform D-BKL/H/J/8/79 English Civil War documents

    Our archives consist of a variety of sources, from Parish and Borough records to family and estate records. Many of these sources contain documents dating back centuries, with a selection going back to be the English Civil War. Some families, such as the Bankes Family of Corfe Castle and Kingston Lacy actively participated in the Civil War, and their records reflect as such.

  • Bill for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies, 1833 PE-LBY/MI/1/2 Slavery documents

    Although our archives only hold information strictly related to Dorset, we do occasionally have some documents relating to areas outside of the County. This is often because, although a family were based in Dorset, they often have interests elsewhere. This is prominent in the topic of Slavery, as we have documents relating to the ownership of slaves in the Caribbean, often in the collections donated by eminent families, such as the Pitt-Rivers collection.

  • Schooner Devoran sunk by Torpedo Maritime Mischief documents

    A selection of subtopics related to activity on the high seas around Dorset.

  • Pride with Territorial Army, Sherborne World War 1 documents

    Although many of the personal records from WWI were destroyed in the blitz, many smaller collections survived, often from more rural areas.

  • Public Information Leaflet: WWII World War 2 documents

    World War 2 documents can give a fascinating view into Dorset's modern history, and come in a range of media, from large posters to personal letters. The widespread impact of WW2 is seen across the archives, with documents relating to WW2 in multiple collections.

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