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Cyril Diver's ecological study of Studland

The Cyril Diver collection held at the Dorset History Centre contains the documents from Diver's ecological study of the Studland peninsular.

During the 1930's Captain Cyril Diver and his team conducted a ground breaking ecological study of the wildlife on the Studland peninsular. His work was one of the earliest whole eco-system accounts, positioning Diver as a leading ecologist of his time. Diver's work painted a picture of the delicate balance of life that thrives on the Studland Peninsular, which is home to over 250 rare and threatened species.

The collection includes maps, pictures, notes from Diver's work, photographs, a herbarium and insect collection and a draft of Diver's manuscript. Sadly, due to the outbreak of WWII Diver never got the chance to publish his work, but this is now available view at Dorset History Centre (reference: D-DVR).

The collection was catalogued by volunteers working with the National Trust, who are repeating Diver's work on the Studland Peninsular. During this current survey they will use the archives to look at how the eco-system has changed over the past 80 years and monitor rare species that thrive in the sand dunes.

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