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Dorset and the World: an Indian adventure

This learning pack gives a taste of some of the resources that Dorset History Centre has about the British Empire and locations outside of the United Kingdom.

Resource pack: An Indian Adventure

At Dorset History Centre our archives contains documents from across the ages, as well as (in some cases) across the globe. The 'Indian Adventure' pack predominantly follows the travels of Captain Robert Carter Oakley (1795-1835) and includes extracts from his travel journals with transcripts of sections where appropriate. Activities within the pack are aimed at Key Stage 2 or Upper Key Stage 1, and include 'archive detective questions' about the material in the pack. Due to the size of some of the images, the pack has been split into 13 parts to make it more manageable. 

An Indian Adventure- Part 1 (pdf, 595kb) (opens in a new window): Introduction, Contents and Background Information

An Indian Adventure- Part 2 (pdf, 492kb) (opens in a new window): Start of the Journey

An Indian Adventure- Part 3 (pdf, 598kb) (opens in a new window): Shark Attack!

An Indian Adventure- Part 4 (pdf, 585kb) (opens in a new window): Strange Fish

An Indian Adventure- Part 5 (pdf, 522kb) (opens in a new window): Drowning

An Indian Adventure- Part 6 (pdf, 847kb) (opens in a new window): Kampoolie & Ghant

An Indian Adventure- Part 7 (pdf, 446kb) (opens in a new window): Pagoda & Bungalow

An Indian Adventure- Part 8 (pdf, 337kb) (opens in a new window): Fire Flies

An Indian Adventure- Part 9 (pdf, 998kb) (opens in a new window): Karlee

An Indian Adventure- Part 10 (pdf, 583kb) (opens in a new window): Elephanta

An Indian Adventure- Part 11 (pdf, 211kb) (opens in a new window): Archive Detective Question Sheet 5

An Indian Adventure- Part 12 (pdf, 463kb) (opens in a new window): Making Salt in India

An Indian Adventure- Part 13 (pdf, 839kb) (opens in a new window): A letter from Robert Honeyburn


In using this pack, you acknowledge that all resources are to be used for non-commercial educational purposes or private study and that you will not supply copies of it for any other use. Furthermore, if you do wish to use this material in anything other than an educational setting or would like further clarification on copyright, please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

We are able to offer schools group visits to the archive, including engaging learning sessions and behind-the-scenes tours. For more information on our schools offer or this learning pack please contact our learning officer.

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