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Slavery documents

Although our archives only hold information strictly related to Dorset, we do occasionally have some documents relating to areas outside of the County. This is often because, although a family were based in Dorset, they often have interests elsewhere. This is prominent in the topic of Slavery, as we have documents relating to the ownership of slaves in the Caribbean, often in the collections donated by eminent families, such as the Pitt-Rivers collection.

Take a look at the list below of documents relating to Slavery, and if you would like to find out more information or take a look at the original documents, contact us.


A List of Slavery Documents

Reference numberDateDescription of documents
D-BKL/H/H/1/96June 1816Parliamentary issues including: a slave revolt in Barbados and the subject of William Wilberforce's Bill for the compulsory registration of slaves. Also mentioned, naval action by the British and Dutch against the Dey of Algiers following a massacre of fishermen under British protection.
D-CRI/A/110/3/119 June 1771Mortgage (1) William Halsted (2) Thomas Collet.  Murmuring Brook plantation with schedule of 210 slaves by name with occupations on plantation.
D-LEG/F/211794-1815Letter to H O Wills about politics, slave trade and Mr Wilberforce (pp 93-94).
D-PIT/F/541813-1816Letters from William Morton Pitt concerning a plan for a new trust and provision for Beckford's livelihood, with his own proposals; notes of insurance premium and purchase of slaves; statement of outgoings on estate including Jamaican property.
D-PIT/T/8531773-1807The Shrewsbury sugar plantation, with all its lands, properties, and works; numerical schedule of slaves in deed of 1773.
D-PIT/T/8571815Conveyance of eleven slaves at Mount Carmel Plantation; with schedule of their names, ages, jobs, condition, valuation, and general remarks. 
D-WIB/F/481837-1896Pamphlet/postal tract: possible date 1840+ Society for the Extinction of the Slave Trade, and for the Civilisation of Africa
PE-LBY/MI/1/2Jul 1833Church of England, Longbredy Parish, Dorset- Bill for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies, for promoting the Industry of the Manumitted Slaves, and for compensating the Owners of such Slaves.
NU.1/SP/61859Letter from Maria Weston Chapman to the Revd R L Carpenter about his forthcoming visit to America and the anti-slavery movement there. With printed circular about 25th Anti-Slavery Subscription Anniversary in Boston. 
PE-WSD/RE/4/21813-1869Church of England, Winterborne Strickland Parish, Dorset
"Feb 25 an unbaptised Negro slave (belonging to Mr Vine) was buried" 1701


This is by no means an exhaustive list of documents relating to the topic, so if this has peaked your interest why not search our catalogue for more documents, or even contact us to arrange a visit with your class to view the documents themselves (where possible).

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