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Drainage and manhole covers

Maintenance of drains, drainage systems and manhole covers in Dorset

Drainage systems

Dorset Highways are responsible for the following drainage activities:

  • emptying of gullies
  • clearing of drainage grips and ditches
  • emptying of soak-a-ways, interceptors and catch- pits
  • clearing of pipe runs, channels and kerb drainage specifically highlighting problem areas such a shallow falls or sites subject to root infestation
  • clearance of balancing ponds to include vegetation clearance and removal of silt
  • side verging of carriageway edge to facilitate surface water runoff and removal of detritus from the channel
  • repairing damaged gully covers

Report a problem with highway drainage

Apparatus under the responsibility of Utility companies

The respective Utilities are responsible for their apparatus including manhole covers in the road and pavement. If you report a defective manhole cover to us, broken, loose or noisy or with surface material breaking up around, and so on; we will raise it with the Utility for them to repair.

Each Utility have their own timescales based on the urgency of the situation, the most high-risk are attended to between two hours and one day. We encourage Utility companies to repair other more routine defects within three months. We will inspect a defect on a monthly basis to check the current situation.

If you know the Utility responsible for a manhole cover, you may report it directly to them yourself. If you do not know who is responsible, you may report it to Dorset Highways.

Report a problem with a manhole cover (Feb 18)

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