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Eating opportunities

Information on meals delivery, lunch clubs, shopping services and foodbanks.

Historically, the main source of help with eating was the 'meals on wheels' service provided in Dorset by the RVS. Although this was a useful service, it did not meet everyone's need. Some people like to have meals delivered to their homes, others would rather eat out in company and some just need help with shopping. Because of this, we have developed a range of services to replace the traditional 'meals on wheels'. These services are described below.

Help with shopping

Many of the main supermarkets in Dorset offer help with your shopping. Examples include:

  • free transport to the store
  • a customer assistant to help you shop
  • help with packing
  • wheelchair or scooter loan
  • carrying shopping out to your transport.

For those stores that do not offer transport, there are a number of community bus schemes in Dorset that will take you to supermarkets and other shops.

Most supermarkets have a shop on line and delivery service. You will need access to the internet to make use of this facility. Alternatively, perhaps a friend or relative could order on your behalf. One supermarket (Sainsbury) offer a telephone shopping service for customers who do not have internet access.

Details of all these services are in our Shopping Assistance in Dorset booklet (pdf, 656kb) (opens in a new window)

Meal delivery

There are a number of companies that offer a meal delivery service in Dorset. The meals can be hot, frozen or chilled and can be delivered to your door on the days you choose and on a temporary or permanent basis. Why not try a few as part of your regular diet? Many of the meal providers are able to cater for special diets. If you have certain requirements please ask your local supplier if they can help.

Dorset POPP produces a directory of companies that provide a meal delivery service (pdf, 601kb) (opens in a new window) in Dorset. Other companies providing this type of service can be found in My life my care (opens in a new window).

Lunch clubs

There are over 100 lunch clubs for the over 50's in Dorset. For many people, these provide a social occasion as well as an important part of their diet. In some cases, transport to the club can be provided. If not, there is a community transport service in Dorset.

Details of lunch clubs and eating out opportunities are in our Lunch Clubs and Eating Out directory which is now split into the six following areas:  Christchurch Lunch Club & Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 588kb) (opens in a new window); East Dorset Lunch Club & Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 619kb) (opens in a new window); North Dorset & Sherborne Lunch Club & Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 621kb) (opens in a new window); Purbeck Lunch Club & Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 608kb) (opens in a new window); West Dorset Lunch Club and Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 598kb) (opens in a new window); Weymouth & Portland Lunch Club & Eating Out Directory March 2018 (pdf, 560kb) (opens in a new window).  You can get copies from the POPP Community Development Worker; contact details at the end of this page.  Other clubs and eating opportunities can be found in My life my care (opens in a new window).


Anyone experiencing food poverty due to crisis or emergency may be able to seek short term access to food through their local foodbank (conditions apply).  Further information and foodbank directory. (pdf, 691kb) (opens in a new window)


Christmas Meal Services 2017

Details of Christmas lunches and hot meal deliveries are provided in Christmas Meal Services 2017 (pdf, 891kb) (opens in a new window) .


We would like to hear from you

We would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions to help improve our service further. Or, if there is no relevant club or eating opportunity in your village or community, why not help to set one up? Dorset Early Help/POPP can offer funding of up to £2,000 to seed fund new opportunities identified by older people. For further information and suggestions please contact the POPP Community Development Worker



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