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Exclusions and alternative provision

The alternative provision strategic lead and exclusions officer make educational provision for children who are not able to attend school.

We provide education in a number of ways:

  • at a learning centre (also known as a pupil referral unit or short stay school)
  • at other venues, or with other providers, but arranged and managed by the learning centres
  • in the children's education unit at Dorset County Hospital

Learning centres

We have 5 learning centres:

Christchurch Learning Centre

Name: Phil Gavin
Tel: 01202 471410
Fax: 01202 470107
Full details for Christchurch Learning Centre

Dorchester Learning Centre

Name: Katherine Seymour
Tel: 01305 261213
Fax: 01305 261505
Full details for Dorchester Learning Centre

Sherborne Learning Centre

Name: Victoria Rashleigh
Tel: 01935 814582
Fax: 01935 814582
Full details for Sherborne Learning Centre

The Compass (formerly West Dorset Learning Centre)

Name: Alison Glazier
Tel: 01305 206530
Fax: 01305 206531
Full details for The Compass (formerly West Dorset Learning Centre)

The Forum Centre (formerly Wimborne Learning Centre)

Name: Kim Rickford
Tel: 01258 455202
Full details for The Forum Centre (formerly Wimborne Learning Centre)

These are all registered as schools by the Department for Education (DfE). A learning centre provides alternative education for those pupils who are unable to access mainstream school. 

Pupils may:

  • have been permanently excluded from school
  • be unable to attend school for medical reasons

Hospital tuition

Dorset County Council's Children's Services and Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provide a tuition unit at Dorset County Hospital. They employ 2 members of staff to respond to educational needs across all age groups. At any given time the unit may need to respond to up to 20 pupils who are also patients. 

Advice on exclusions and support for parents

The Exclusions Officer offers training, advice and support to head teachers, governors, pupils and parents on all aspects of exclusion. Exclusion can be fixed-term or permanent. 

We've written an exclusions from school guide to help you understand what happens if your child or young person is excluded from school. This is general guidance only. You can find more information from either the school or your local authority exclusions officer.

Contact the schools exclusion guidance and training officer for more information:

Schools Exclusion, Guidance and Training Officer

Name: Victoria Day
Tel: 01305 228658
Full details for Schools Exclusion, Guidance and Training Officer

Support for parents

It can be a very stressful and worrying time if your child is permanently excluded. Remember you don't have to deal with the situation on your own.

The Exclusions Officer will discuss the options that are available for your child. They will visit you at home and make arrangements on behalf of you and your child. If other professionals have worked with your child, for example, behavioural support teachers or an educational psychologist, the Exclusions Officer will ask for their views about appropriate educational provision. 

Access to education for children and young people with medical needs 

The Learning and Inclusion service and health services work together. They are committed to helping children and young people with health needs access as much education as their condition allows. 

Alternative Provision and Elective Home Education, Learning and Inclusion Advisor

Name: Sylvia Lord
Tel: 01305 224530
Fax: 01305 228399
Full details for Alternative Provision and Elective Home Education, Learning and Inclusion Advisor

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