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Portland Port Off-site Reactor Emergency Plan

Portland Port is one of the few ports within the UK able to host nuclear powered submarines for the Royal Navy.

The Portland Port 'Deep water berth' is authorised for operational visits by nuclear powered submarines. These authorised berths are also called 'Operational Berths'. The Royal Navy has been operating nuclear powered submarines since the early 1960s and has a safety record that is second to none. It is also useful to know that due to the design of a submarine nuclear reactor there is no risk of an 'atom-bomb' type explosion, contrary to popular belief.

Dorset County Council, other Local Authorities and Emergency Services have a statutory duty laid down by Central Government to plan and prepare for emergency situations, in the highly unlikely event of a radiation emergency. Dorset County Council's Emergency Planning Service has been working in conjunction with its partners of the Operational Berth Issues Group (OBIG) to plan for nuclear-related emergencies in compliance with Central Government legislation such as the 'Civil Contingencies Act 2004' (CCA) and the 'Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Public Information Regulations 2001' (REPPIR).

A booklet; "Information in the event of a Radiation Emergency in Portland Port" (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window) describes precautions to be taken in the unlikely event of such an emergency.

A public version of the Portland Port Off-site Nuclear Reactor Emergency Plan (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window) is also available.

In compliance with REPPIR, member organisations of the OBIG will undertake a review and where necessary revise the plan and test the arrangements at suitable intervals not exceeding three years.

For further information please contact the Emergency Planning Service:

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