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Evidence base for Purbeck plans

The council gathers evidence which it uses to inform its preparation of plans and strategies.

Eastern Dorset Strategic Housing Market Assessment

In 2014 the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Strategic Housing Group appointed consultants GL Hearn to undertake an update and review of the 2012 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) for the Eastern Dorset housing market area. This comprises the local authority areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, East Dorset, North Dorset and Purbeck.

A separate SHMA for the Weymouth and West Dorset area has been undertaken by Peter Brett Associates.

The review involved detailed analysis of secondary data, including the latest population and household forecasts and household formation rates. The consultants also undertook new research including interviews with Estate and Lettings Agents and other housing stakeholders across the County to get a picture of the current housing market.

This latest SHMA also takes account of economic growth forecasts using the Cambridge Econometrics Model, supported by specific input on growth sectors from the local authorities concerned.

Final reports

The final reports for the Eastern Dorset Housing Market Area has now been produced, together with an executive summary and individual reports for the six local authorities participating.

Eastern Dorset Strategic Housing Market Assessment Final Report (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window)

Eastern Dorset Strategic Housing Market Assessment Executive Summary (pdf, 338kb) (opens in a new window)

Summary report for Purbeck District

Purbeck Strategic Housing Market Assessment Summary (pdf, 338kb) (opens in a new window)

The Government's approach to SHMAs

The Government expects local authorities to undertake an SHMA for their area or housing market area, and that they should aim to meet this objectively assessed need through their local plans.

However, in December 2014, the Government issued ministerial guidance which made it clear that SHMAs are just the first stage in developing a local plan, and that Councils can take account of constraints which indicate that development should be restricted. The guidance also stated that SHMAs are not a proxy for a final housing requirement in local plans, nor should a revised SHMA invalidate housing numbers in existing local plans.

The final part of the guidance advises that Councils need to consider SHMA evidence carefully and take time to consider whether there are environmental and policy constraints, such as Green Belt, which will impact on their overall final housing requirement. Councils are urged to consider whether there are opportunities to co-operate with neighbouring planning authorities to meet needs across housing market areas.

Read the Government's guidance (opens in a new window).

Local authorities across Dorset will be considering the 2015 Strategic Housing Market Assessment as part of any reviews of their Local Plans. The timetable for these reviews varies in each area so please contact the Purbeck Planning Policy Team if you wish to obtain more information.

Purbeck Local Plan Part 1: Planning Purbeck's Future (PLP1)

Background papers

The PLP1 is supplemented by background papers on key topics.

DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Volume 1: Summary of Evidence (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)Summarises the studies and strategies prepared by the council or external partners.January 2012
Volume 2: Challenges (pdf, 598kb) (opens in a new window)Summarises the challenges facing the district.August 2011
Volume 3: Vision and Spatial Objectives (pdf, 721kb) (opens in a new window)Sets out how the vision and spatial objectives were reached.August 2011
Volume 4: Development Options (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)Provides detailed consideration of potential options for the location of development, refining the search to a preferred option and two reasonable alternative options.2009
Volume 5: Housing Supply (pdf, 814kb) (opens in a new window)Draws together past, present and future housing supply.January 2011
Volume 6: Settlement Extension Sites (pdf, 6Mb) (opens in a new window)Sets out the background and methodology of the 'Where Shall We Build in 2012 - 2026' public consultation.May 2010
Volume 7: Economic Context (pdf, 905kb) (opens in a new window)Sets out employment, tourism and retail issues.2012
Volume 8: Development Policies (pdf, 860kb) (opens in a new window)Explanation behind the policies used to determine planning applications.January 2012

Purbeck Infrastructure Plan and Delivery Schedule April 2013 (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window)

Sets out what infrastructure is required to deliver the PLP1. It has been recently updated.April 2013
Volume 10: Settlement Strategy (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)Defines the role and function of each settlement, sets out the hierarchy and includes an audit of community facilities.September 2011
Volume 11 Habitats Regulations Background Paper (PDF, 785kb) (opens in a new window)Sets out the implications of new development upon protected species and habitats in Purbeck.March 2012
Planning Inspectorate LDF Advisory Visit 100217 (PDF, 106kb) (opens in a new window)The Planning Inspectorate gave advice on the PLP1 following an advisory visit on 17 February 2010.February 2010

Sustainability appraisals and scoping reports

DocumentDescriptionPublication Date

Purbeck Local Plan Part 1: Partial Review Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

The sustainability appraisal ensures that plans and strategies are as sustainable as possible and that alternatives have been assessed, including what the situation would be if there was no plan in place.  

September 2013

Other evidence

In addition to national and regional guidance, the following evidence base specifically informs the Purbeck District Local Plan:

Climate change

DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Durlston Bay Coastal Strategy Study (2003)

A long-term strategy for the management of the coastline and adjacent land within Durlston Bay, Swanage.


Purbeck Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2011 (PDF, 518kb) (opens in a new window)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Appendix Maps 1 - 8 (pdf, 668kb) (opens in a new window)

Sets out localised flooding information for Purbeck.

September 2011
Durlston Bay Coastal Strategy Study Review Panel Report (PDF, 10Mb) (opens in a new window)

A review of the Durlston Bay Coastal Strategy Study, in particular reference to the Pinecliff Walk, Swanage landslide of 2000.

October 2004
Shoreline Management Plan SMP2 - Durlston Head to Rame Head (opens in a new window)

Sets out how the coastline will be managed over the next 100 years.

December 2010
Shoreline Management Plan - Poole and Christchurch Bays (opens in a new window)

Sets out how the coastline will be managed over the next 100 years.

October 2012
REvision 2020: Renewable energy in the South West (opens in a new window)Renewable energy evidence that supported the now revoked regional spatial strategy.June 2005


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Various Town and Parish PlansProduced by each community, these plans set out the views of the community about the future development.Various
Parish Plans and Purbeck's Core Strategy (pdf, 41kb) (opens in a new window)

Shows how the actions contained within Parish Plans have been incorporated into Purbeck's Core Strategy (now called PLP1).

September 2011
Purbeck Community Plan (PDF, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

It brings together the priorities identified by the community and local organisations with the needs and priorities from local agencies and service providers and statistical evidence.



DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Townscape Character Appraisals (2010)Covering Swanage, Wareham, Upton, Bovington, Bere Regis, Corfe Castle, Lytchett Matravers and Wool.  These documents provide detail about the character of each settlement.August 2012
Conservation Areas

Designated to conserve the character or appearance of those parts of the built environment which are of special historic or architectural interest.

Dorset Historic Towns Survey

Analyses the historic character, sense of place and economic well-being of Dorset's towns.

February 2011
The Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset Residential Car Parking Strategy (2010)Sets guidelines and standards for car parking associated with new development in Dorset.May 2011


DocumentDescriptionPublication date

Statutory notice for the proposed reorganisation of schools in the Purbeck area (pdf, 55kb) (opens in a new window)

Details Dorset County Council's proposals to re-organise the school system from 3 tier to 2 tier.May 2010


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Purbeck Employment Land Review - Stage 1 (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

Purbeck Employment Land Review - Stage 2 (pdf, 607kb) (opens in a new window)

This review is a three stage process commencing with a 'stock take' of existing employment sites and allocated sites, an assessment of future needs and requirements, and finally the identification of a portfolio of new sites.Summer 2010
SWRDA Workspace Strategy (2008) (pdf, 5Mb) (opens in a new window)The Strategy seeks to ensure that there is a delivery of sufficient, appropriate employment land and quality of employment premises to meet business requirements in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole.October 2008
Dorset Workspace Study Evidence Update 2012 (PDF, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)An update to the 2008 SWRDA Workspace Strategy.March 2012
Raising the Game (PDF, 605kb) (opens in a new window)Sets out the economic needs and priorities of Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole in the period 2005-2016.November 2005
Bournemouth Dorset & Poole Local Economic Assessment 2011 (PDF, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)Consolidates a range of economic evidence into a single assessment.June 2011


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Dorset Primary Care Trust Requirements (pdf, 124kb) (opens in a new window)Expected healthcare needs to meet growth targets of now revoked Regional Spatial Strategy.January 2008
Dorset Healthy Weight Strategy 2009 (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

A vision for Dorset whereby people are supported in moving towards or maintaining a healthy weight, and in doing so mitigates for current and future risks to population health.

November 2009


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Dorset Heathlands Planning FrameworkSets out the contributions from development and the projects that are developed to avoid the adverse impact on heathlands from new homes being built.September 2012

Dorset Heath DPD Household Survey Part I Footprint Ecology 2008 (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)

Dorset Heath DPD Household Survey Part II Footprint Ecology 2008 (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

Evidence of people's use of heathlands.February 2013
Monitoring of Interim Planning Framework Projects (pdf, 7Mb) (opens in a new window)How the first few heathland mitigation projects have been implemented.June 2011
Habitat Regulations Assessment Project List (pdf, 193kb) (opens in a new window)Summarises the projects required to mitigate the housing identified in the Local Plan Part 1.2011


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Character Area Development Potential - 2014 (pdf, 588kb) (opens in a new window)Reports on the potential of major settlements to accommodate additional development within settlement boundariesDecember 2014
Residential Development Economic Viability Testing (2008) (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)

This study provides an economic viability assessment of residential development and the potential to provide affordable housing across the district.

August 2008
Viability Report (November 2010 Update) (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)

This study provides an update to the viability testing of 2008.

October 2010

Dorset Toolkit Guidance Notes - June 2011 (pdf, 746kb) (opens in a new window)

Dorset Toolkit June 2011 (excel, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

The Purbeck toolkit and guidance for calculating affordable housing provision. (and site viability)June 2011
Purbeck Affordable Housing Viability Update Report - Sept 2011 (pdf, 364kb) (opens in a new window)A further update to viability testing in 2008 and 2010 specifically looking at the impact of affordable rent housing.August 2011
Community Infrastructure Levy and Development Viability Assessment Final Report (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)A viability study to inform the setting of CIL charging schedule rates.February 2013
Community Infrastructure Levy and Development Viability Assessment Addendum (pdf, 34kb) (opens in a new window)Addendum to the above report addressing some issues raised through consultation on the Preliminary Draft CIL Charging ScheduleFebruary 2013
Section 106 Agreements in Purbeck - Past and Future (pdf, 107kb) (opens in a new window)Paper looking at what has been secured through Section 106 in the past and how it is likely to work when CIL is adoptedJuly 2013

Purbeck Housing Needs Survey Report 2006 (pdf, 166kb) (opens in a new window)

Purbeck Housing Needs Survey App 1 Land Registry (pdf, 59kb) (opens in a new window)

Purbeck Housing Needs Survey App 2 Glossary of Terms (pdf, 86kb) (opens in a new window)

The study assesses housing requirements in terms of the provision of market housing and affordable housing.2006
Monitoring of the Purbeck District Local PlanSee Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)2013
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2008)Looks into the type of people living in the area, where they work and what sort of houses they need.June 2008
2015 Update and Review of the Strategic Housing Market AssessmentA review of the 2008 Strategy Housing Market Assessment (2008) to get a picture of the current housing market.

January 2012

Comparison Between 2008 and 2011 Strategic Housing Market Assessment for Purbeck (PDF, 16kb) (opens in a new window)

Compares the 2008 and 2012 Strategic Housing Market Assessments.


Rural Exception Site Guidance and Checklist (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

The checklist is designed to assist local groups to identify sites that are suitable for the provision of rural exception site affordable housing.

September 2013
Habitats Regulations Assessment - Core Strategy - Proposed Changes to the Pre-Submission - 2011 (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

This report considers the potential impacts on European protected species of additional levels of higher housing growth scenarios in Purbeck.

September 2011


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Landscape Sensitivity to Wind and Solar Energy Development in Purbeck District (pdf, 7Mb) (opens in a new window)A study that examines the Landscape Sensitivity to Wind and Solar Energy Development in Purbeck DistrictApril 2014
Dorset AONB Management Plan (2014) (opens in a new window)

This plan sets out the Partnership's vision for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Purbeck Green Belt Review (PDF, 5Mb) (opens in a new window)

A study of the South East Dorset Green Belt in Purbeck.  Explains why the boundary was altered through the PLP1.

January 2012
Purbeck Heritage Strategy 2017A strategy for protecting and enhancement of the natural environment.2010
Dorset AONB Landscape Character Assessment (opens in a new window)
Landscape Character Assessment (Non AONB) (PDF, 2Mb) (opens in a new window)
Identifies the landform, ecological and land use characteristics that form different landscape types.  It is split into two parts one covering the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and one covering the rest of Purbeck.2008
Dorset Landscape Change Strategy Report Jan 2010 includes pilot methodology (PDF, 2Mb) (opens in a new window)Assesses the potential for landscape types to accommodate change.  Following on from 2008 Landscape Character Assessments.January 2010

Open space

DocumentDescriptionPublication date
South East Dorset Green Infrastructure Strategy South East Dorset strategy for the provision of green infrastructure.2010
Sport and Recreation Audit and Assessment 2006 full document (PDF, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)Sets out the existing and future requirements for sport and recreation facilities.2006

Population Statistics:

DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Purbeck Population Projections from DCC (PDF, 70kb) (opens in a new window)
Purbeck Population Mid Year Estimates pdf (PDF, 571kb) (opens in a new window)
ONS Population Mid Year Estimates Note (PDF, 7kb) (opens in a new window)
Estimates of the future population of Purbeck                                           2012


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Wareham Retail Capacity Study March 2005 (pdf, 122kb) (opens in a new window)Study of retail needs in Wareham.                              March 2005
Joint Retail Study - Vol 1 - Christchurch Borough Council, East Dorset District Council, North Dorset District Council and Purbeck District Council
Retail Study Volume 2 - Purbeck March 2008 (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window)
Study of retail needs in South East Dorset and North Dorset.2008
Retail Impact Assessment - Final (September 2010) (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)Studies the potential impact of new food stores in Purbeck.2010
Statement from Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (19 October 2010) (pdf, 32kb) (opens in a new window)Clarification from consultants about findings of 2010 Retail Impact Assessment and the council's preferred policy.October 2010
NLP Purbeck Retail Impact Assessment Further Information November 2011 (pdf, 93kb) (opens in a new window)An update to 2010 assessment based on latest housing and population evidence.November 2011


DocumentDescriptionPublication date

Tourism Strategy (pdf, 967kb) (opens in a new window)

Strategy for future tourism development.                        2008

Towards 2015 - Shaping Tomorrow’s Tourism (pdf, 555kb) (opens in a new window)

Strategy for tourism in South West England.January 2005


DocumentDescriptionPublication date
Purbeck Transport Strategy Summary (October 2010) (pdf, 32kb) (opens in a new window)Dorset County Council and Purbeck District Council's proposed transport schemes for 2010-2027.2010
Local Transport Plan 3Dorset County Council's plan for delivery of new transport schemes.April 2011
Development contributions towards transport infrastructure in Purbeck [REDIRECT - 391303]A strategy where contributions are collected from new development to implement transport schemes.February 2013
Purbeck Preliminary Transport Assessment (2010) (pdf, 30kb) (opens in a new window)Study into the potential impact on the transport networks of growth in the PLP12010

Purbeck Transport Modelling 2011 (PDF, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)

Further modelling of the potential impact of the growth in the PLP1 on the transport network.2011

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

DocumentDescriptionPublication date
CIL Cumulative impacts of regulations on house builders and landowners research paper (pdf, 54kb) (opens in a new window)CIL Cumulative impacts of regulations on house builders and landowners research paper2013
CIL Instalment Policy 2013 (pdf, 15kb) (opens in a new window)CIL Instalment Policy2013
Purbeck District Council CIL Policies (pdf, 197kb) (opens in a new window)Council policies around the implementation of CIL2013
PAS CIL Checklist (pdf, 66kb) (opens in a new window)Tracks the process and procedure gone through prior to the submission of CIL Charging Schedule2013
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