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Dorset's Family Partnership Zones

We offer help to families that are facing problems or are likely to face problems in the future if the issues are not sorted.

Early action

We want to make sure we find out about any problems early and help stop them from becoming bigger issues.

The support we offer includes:

  • targeted individual support
  • access to positive activities
  • group work with children and young people
  • access to parent support groups
  • help with periods of change in a child's life

Our success comes from working with:

Find out more about Family Partnership Zones in this short video:

Family Partnership Zones case study

Find out how helping families earlier can make a difference (opens in a new window).

Contact a Family Partnership Zone

We break Dorset into 7 zones. To get help you should contact the zone that you live in. If you are not sure which zone to contact, please use our map to find out who can help you.

Contact the zone for your area:

Map of our zones

See map of our zones:

  • Parenting support

    Parenting support to help parents through the highs and lows of bringing up children.

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