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Report fly-tipping in Dorset

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on any land. You can report fly-tipping in Dorset online.

If the fly-tipping is on a public highway or public land we will investigate and arrange for the waste to be cleared. We cannot remove waste from privately owned land, as this is the landowner's responsibility.

Those caught fly-tipping can be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Every year councils spend a considerable amount of time and money removing this waste from the landscape. We will always try to remove fly-tipping as soon as possible. The site will be investigated for evidence and the appropriate legal action taken. If we can trace the persons responsible for fly-tipping we can recover our costs.

Please note that we do not have enforcement powers if waste has been fly-tipped on private land.

Simple rules for reporting fly-tipping

  • do not remove any evidence found from the fly-tipping location, for example, addressed letters
  • be as specific as possible when describing where the incident has occurred
  • if you see the incident occurring do not approach the persons involved
  • if you see a person/vehicle involved in an environmental crime take as many details as you can, for example, description of the person or vehicle registration
  • you may be asked to provide a witness statement and/or attend court in subsequent legal action

Alternatively, please contact the Dorset Waste Partnership.

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  2. Fly tipping
    1. Map instructions: Enter an address or postcode in the search bar, or double click on the map to drop a pin in the location. You can move the pin around once it is on the map to fine tune the position.
    2. Type of waste *
    3. Please attach any photos you have of the fly-tipping or location to help us find it.
      1. The total file limit for the form submission is 7mb, if you are uploading multiple images which go over this limit please reduce their file sizes. There are many online free tools to do this such as
  3. Contact details
    1. Please note that we may need to contact you directly for further assistance regarding this fly-tipping report, especially if enforcement action is taken. Your details will be held in strictest confidence and won’t be shared without your permission
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