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School clothing grants

Parents may be able to claim School Clothing Grants for children attending school.

Schools may be willing to provide some help to parents with the costs of purchasing school uniforms. Uniforms are specific requirements laid down by schools, and relate only to the child's attendance at the school. No assistance should be expected from schools for general, non-school specific items of clothing such as coats, or shoes.

There is no requirement upon schools to provide any form of assistance. However, schools should be aware that restricting access to education through excluding a child for breaching school uniform policy - when the breach relates directly to the child's family being unable to afford to buy the uniform - might not be viewed as acceptable. However, disciplinary action as a response to wilful and open defiance of the uniform policy can, and perhaps should, be regarded as perfectly acceptable.

Parents who require assistance with purchasing school uniforms should contact the relevant school direct. Please remember that schools are all closed during August, and so to get a child kitted out ready for September may require foresight and planning.

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