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Non-Dependants - housing benefit/council tax support

If you claim Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, an adult who lives with you will be treated as a 'non-dependant' and deductions may be made.

What is a non-dependant deduction?

If you are claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, the council will need to know if you have non-dependants living in your household. A non-dependant is generally someone over the age of 18 who is not dependent on you. For example, an adult son or daughter, elderly relative or friend. If you have non-dependants living in your household, we will reduce your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support by a certain amount for each non-dependant. This is called a non-dependant deduction.

A non-dependant deduction is applied to a claimant's benefit because it is expected that they would normally contribute towards household expenses which includes rent and Council Tax. Deductions are therefore made from benefit in recognition of the payment the non-dependant person should be making.

You may wish to take the amount of this deduction into consideration when you decide how much each non-dependant should contribute towards the household expenses.

Non dependants 2018-19 leaflet (pdf, 467kb) (opens in a new window)

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