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How to vote in Dorset

Information about the ways you can vote, including postal and proxy votes when you can't get to a polling station.

The electoral register

To be able to vote, a person's name must be on the electoral register.

All registered citizens will be sent a polling card before an election. The polling card will have information including the date of the election and where you need to go to vote. You do not need to take your poll card to the polling station to vote.

Voting systems

There are several types of voting system, the most common is the first past the post. Find out more about the types of voting systems (opens in a new window).

When you can't get to a polling station

If you can't get to a polling station or will be on holiday or working away from home on election day, you can:

Vote by post

If you want to  vote by post (opens in a new window) you will be sent a pack through the post containing ballot papers. 

Watch our video guide on how to complete your postal vote.

Vote by proxy

Voting by proxy (opens in a new window) is when you appoint someone you to know to vote on your behalf.

Postal proxy voting

If you appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf and they cannot get to the polling station then they can apply to vote by post for you (pdf, 32kb) (opens in a new window)

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