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Children's Services areas of work

The Children's Services directorate gives support to meet the needs of children, young people and families in Dorset.

Outcomes for children

Our outcomes underpin every aspect of the work within Children's Services.

Our outcomes are for children and young people to:

  • be safe wherever they are
  • confident and successful learners who can achieve personal success as they grow into adulthood
  • stay in Dorset and make a positive contribution to the economy

We also want:

  • families to be resilient, develop positive relationships and have good futures
  • children, young people and families to know what it means to be healthy and adopt lifestyles that promote this

Areas of work

The Director for Children's Services is Nick Jarman (interim).

See information on all services for Children and Young People in Dorset.

Prevention and Partnerships

Our Assistant Director is Jay Mercer (interim). His work includes:

Care and Protection

Our Assistant Director is Vanessa Glenn. Her work includes:

Design and Development

Our Assistant Director is Patrick Myers. His work includes:

  • performance and management
  • commissioning, contracts and complaints
  • Children's Services Board support
  • workforce planning
  • change management
  • the Family Information Service
  • BYO and BYJO Children's Services Boards

    There are a number of boards where Children's Services meets with its partners to help ensure the best outcomes for children and young people. This includes the Children's Trust Board and the Local Safeguarding Board.

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