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Stay safe at the coast - beware of landslips and rock falls

This coastline is a result of erosion - making it the beautiful, interesting and internationally important place that it's famous for. However, erosion can cause rock falls and landslides, these are natural events that can happen at any time.

There's always a small element of risk when visiting Dorset's Jurassic Coast (opens in a new window), or any coast with cliffs for that matter. This should not, and does not, put people off visiting the area but you should use common sense and caution and pay attention to messages and signs about how to stay safe.

Common sense safety advice

Cliffs are NOT a playground for children.

  • Do not take unnecessary risks, stay away from the edge of the cliff top
  • Stay away from the base of cliffs: rock falls can happen at any time
  • Do not walk or climb over landslide or rock fall debris, especially during and after wet weather as it is easy to get stuck in mud and quicksand
  • Always pay attention to warning signs; they are there to advise you on how to stay safe
  • Check the weather forecast before you go
  • Beware of steep, shelving beaches and large waves
  • Be aware of tide times. The sea comes in and out twice a day and it is possible to get cut off by the incoming tide or forced up against the cliffs. See the BBC - Tide times (opens in a new window) for the latest information.
  • If you are interested in fossils, do not hammer into the cliffs or solid rock as this will cause long lasting damage.

Who to contact in case of an emergency

Should you believe there is an urgent need to inform public agencies of a dangerous cliff please contact the Maritime Coastguard Watchroom via 999.

Report and track road issues and enquiries

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