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Children (0 - 5 years old)

Libraries are magical places for babies and toddlers to explore.

Join us for regular fun events at your library and discover our wide range of books, DVDs and other items. 

It's free to be a library member and babies can join from the day they are born!  It's quick and easy to join at your local library and child cardholders don't even have to pay overdue charges on books.

In addition to the regular sessions listed below we also hold special events for children and families.

  • Child threading beads Library Gets Lively

    Lively drop in session for children under five and their parents and carers.

  • Rhyme time book Rhyme Times

    Rhyme times are a fun interactive session for babies, toddlers and their parents or carers. Loads of noisy fun and instruments to shake and rattle.

  • UnderFives Lion Story Time

    Story Times bring stories to life in the library, and make reading and books fun!

  • iStock - Boy reading story book Regular library events for children under five years old

    Find a children's event at a library near you, including Rhyme Times, Story Times, Library Gets Lively and Fantastic Family Fun. All are free to attend and you don't need to be a library member to come along.

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