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Charity collections

If you want to collect money on the street or house to house for a charity you will need to apply for a permit.

Permits are granted to registered charities and charitable organisations or groups.

Councils have to follow rules set by Parliament to make sure donations made to collectors are properly accounted for, and to protect the public from dishonest collectors.

We also make sure that:

  • a collection will not inconvenience the public because of the day of the week, time or the frequency at which it is held
  • the collection does not, as far as possible, take place on the same day as another authorised collection

Street collections

A street collection permit is needed by anyone wishing to collect money in the street from a set position for charitable purposes.

House to house collections

A house-to-house collection permit is required mainly for door- to-door charitable collections, either made with collecting tins or by returning to collect a previously posted envelope. It will also cover collections of money made in pubs and, for example, collections of tinned foods for redistribution or jumble for charity sales.

There are standard conditions attached to all licences/permits, such as the age of collectors and the way collections should be conducted. Collectors must wear an ID badge.

When the collection is finished the promoter must submit a simple account showing how much was collected and any expenses.

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