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Street Collection Permits and House to House Collection Licences in North Dorset, West Dorset and Weymouth and Portland

If you wish to carry out a charitable collection that involves either standing in the street or going from house to house or business to business you will need to get the appropriate permission from the relevant Council.

Street Collections

A Street Collection Permit is required by anyone wishing to collect money in the street for charitable or philanthropic purposes under the Police, Factories, &c. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1916 (opens in a new window).

Permits will be issued subject to different regulations for each Council,   North Dorset regulations (pdf, 62kb) (opens in a new window)  West Dorset regulations (pdf, 66kb) (opens in a new window) and Weymouth and Portland regulations (pdf, 192kb) (opens in a new window)  which all include the regulation that no person under the age of 16 can act as a collector.

House to House Collections

Charitable or fund raising collections that go from house to house, or business to business, need a House to House Collection licence issued under the House to House Collections Act 1939 (opens in a new window) and the regulations (pdf, 13kb) (opens in a new window). This includes any collection for cash or a collection of goods.

There is no fee payable for a licence. No person under 16 can collect any money or goods under a House to House Collection Licence. The Council may refuse the licence application for set reasons (pdf, 42kb) (opens in a new window).

Once you have a licence you will require a Badge and Certificate of Authenticity from the Home Office to allow you to collect. To obtain these you will need to contact: The Stationery Office Ltd, PO Box 29, Norwich, NR3 1GN or on 0870 242 2345 UK call charges and rates (opens in a new window) and order a "combined badge and certificate of authenticity for house to house collectors" (ISBN0113407424) at a cost of 35p.

Apply for a Street Collection Permit or House to House Licence

Apply for a North Dorset permit or licence

There is a help sheet (pdf, 177kb) (opens in a new window) for applying for a North Dorset permit or licence online.

Apply for a West Dorset permit or licence

Apply for a Weymouth and Portland permit or licence

return form (pdf, 36kb) (opens in a new window) must be completed within one month of the collection to verify the amounts raised and to show how the funds raised were distributed.

An application will be dealt with within 14 days of being received. Tacit consent will apply provided that an application was received 14 days before the collection.

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