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Street party licence

Information about how to go about organising a street party in Dorset, including how to apply for a licence where necessary.

Street parties have a long history and are a British tradition. Street parties are becoming more common with typically relaxed BBQ and food sharing arrangements. Visit the street party website (opens in a new window) for more advice on planning your street party.

Street parties are generally defined as follows:

  • the event is not publicised for the general public and therefore will not draw in people from a wider area
  • the event applies to the residents of one or two streets only and not to larger areas. Therefore attendance will generally involve fewer than 150 people

Street parties in their own right do not require a licence under the Licensing Act 2003 and most street parties held do not need a licence. There are however, certain activities that require authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003.

Any street party where;

  • alcohol is to be sold (alcohol is still deemed to be sold if it is offered as part of an entrance fee or ticket price), or
  • entertainment offered to members of the public (private events do not usually require authorisation)

will need to obtain a Temporary Event Notice. A Temporary Event Notice costs £21 and can authorise events for which no more than 499 people are expected to attend. Visit the Temporary Event Notices article for more information.

If you are proposing to hold a street party on the public highway and these requirements are met, you will need to notify Dorset Highways.

See also: Apply for a restriction on the highway for a special event

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