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Taxis and private hire vehicles

Information about taxi fares and guidance on how to apply for a taxi licence or private hire vehicle licence.

Taxi fares

The fares for taxi journeys are set by the district/borough council and are displayed on a taximeter fitted in the vehicle (which can be checked by the council to confirm that they are operating at the set tariff). If the journey takes the vehicle outside the district a different fare may be agreed before the journey begins.

The councils do not set the fares for private hire vehicles and any person hiring a private hire vehicle should agree the fare with the operator before starting a journey.

Taxi licences

Operators of private hire vehicles are licensed and drivers of both taxis and private hire vehicles are licensed by the district/borough councils. 

Before a licence is granted the applicant must satisfy certain conditions, ranging from a search by the Disclosure and Barring Service, medical examinations and completion of driver improvement schemes. They are also inspected for mechanical condition and adequacy of insurance. There is now a requirement to complete face to face training in regard to child sexual exploitation.

Face to face training

Due to the recognition that child sexual exploitation, trafficked and missing children along with vulnerable adults have become major issues across the nation, there is a need for taxi drivers to understand these issues.

We are now offering training to support the understand of these issues.

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Reporting a concern

There is a  CSE Information Sharing Report Form (opens in a new window) in Dorset to help professionals share potential CSE information that they encounter.

The form has removed the necessity for practitioners to 'grade' the information. This means that all that is requested is for the information to be as accurate and timely as possible, and for the details of the person who provided the information to be included.


Submit a complaint about a licensed vehicle

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