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Localisation help

What localisation is, its benefits, and how localising will change your experience of

What is localisation?

If you enter your postcode into the box on the top right-hand side of our website, the information displayed on will be specific to where you live.

We will do this by only showing you the information for:

  • Dorset County Council
  • The district/borough council you live in

Why should I localise?

  • Easier navigation - is a large website, containing the information of Dorset County Council and six of the district/borough councils in Dorset.
    If you localise, some pages for other district councils will be hidden, so you only see what is useful to you.
    This means it should be easier to find the content you want.

  • Relevant information delivered to you -

    Rather than you having to search for it, information that is specific to your home will be displayed on pages where you might find it useful.
    For example, if you go to our Recycling, rubbish and waste page, your next rubbish and recycling collection dates and your nearest Household Recycling Centre will be displayed.

  • Information that is specific to your location -

    We will be able to tell you information such as where your nearest libraries are, which schools are closest to your house, and who your district councillor is.

  • News and links that are relevant to you -

    On our homepage, our Featured Content box and links to stories in the Dorset Newsroom will only display stories that affect your district area or the whole county.

    Our 'people also viewed' box will be localised to only show links to web pages from your district council and Dorset County Council.

How does localisation work?

You will be asked whether you want us to remember your postcode information or not.

If you select for your location to be remembered, we will set a cookie on your device. The sole purpose of this small file is to remember your location the next time you visit so you won't need to enter it every time you visit.

See our privacy and cookies information for more details.

Sample postcodes for each district/borough council

If you would like to localise but don't know a postcode to use, you can use the sample postcodes below.

Please note: For accurate information for your property, you will need to put your postcode into the localisation search box.

District / Borough CouncilSample postcode
Christchurch Borough CouncilBH23 4EY
East Dorset District CouncilBH22 0AF
North Dorset District CouncilSP7 8AB
Purbeck District CouncilBH19 3HN
West Dorset District CouncilDT2 7JW
Weymouth & Portland District CouncilDT3 5EW

My address is not in your database

If your address is not listed but you believe it should be, you can fill out our missing address form .

Bournemouth and Poole residents

This website does not contain address information for  Bournemouth Borough Council (opens in a new window) or Poole Borough Council (opens in a new window).

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