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Dorset Music Education Hub Plan

Find out about the Dorset Music Education Hub, our achievements and future developments for 2017/2018.

The Dorset Music Education Hub strives to ensure that all children and young people in Dorset have the opportunity to embark, progress and excel on a musical journey. We encourage children to be creative, collaborative and committed to achieving their best through a range of activities including whole class instrumental learning, workshops, tuition, music ensembles and large scale events. We expand children's current music provision and support schools to develop their music teaching to ensure children receive a high quality experience regardless of their age, background and location.

Read more about our achievements in 2016/2017 and our proposed developments for 2017/2018.

Music Education Hub Achievements in 2016/17

Core Role A - Instrument learning as a whole class

97% of First and Primary schools accept, engage with and financially contribute to whole class instrumental teaching for one term followed by two terms of small group continuation. We now have greater flexibility with an extended team of Music Area Leaders.

Core Role B - Ensemble playing

Early access ensemble provision is the responsibility of our schools and we have positioned ourselves to support them to develop this. We offer financial assistance to schools and arts organisations to develop the provision based on identified needs.

Core Role C - Progression

County Ensembles have secured a rehearsal venue at The Blandford School which is centrally located for Dorset. We have worked in partnership with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to commission a professional associate conductor to lead the Dorset Youth Symphony Orchestra. We offer jazz, folk and classical ensemble opportunities.

Cole Role D - Singing strategy

Nearly all school pyramids are engaged with the singing strategy and work together to plan strategically for the development of singing within their pyramids. The focus of the development work ranges from whole school singing to focused harmony singing for a specific group of pupils; and genres include musical theatre, pop, gospel and classical.

Extension A (opens in a new window) - Continued professional development (CPD)

We have a good number of teachers engaging with the CPD we offer, including large conferences, focused training, 1:1 support and regular network meetings.

Extension B - Instrument hire

Instrument hire is established and is a growing area of the hubs work. Improved storage and electronic tracking are creating efficiencies.

Extension C - Large scale events

We have launched a new biannual large scale event that brings together young musicians from middle and secondary schools across Dorset to play as a massed ensemble in partnership with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Our established biannual Mash-up Festival reached out to introduce new music genres to over 1500 young people.

The core and extension roles are based on the requirements set out in the recommendations of the National Plan for Music Education (pdf, 339kb) (opens in a new window).

Music Education Hub Developments in 2017/18

From 2017 to 2018 we aim to:

  • devise a hub strategy for involvement with disadvantaged young people and their access to music education

  • use self-evaluation and needs analysis to secure a shared vision for a music ensemble strategy with progression at its heart

  • develop methods of assessment that monitor progression and signpost young people to appropriate opportunities

  • extend the range of CPD opportunities available to all Dorset teachers, through conference, training and resources

  • devise a strategy to get unused instruments into circulation

  • strengthen financial resilience of the hub through the development of a fundraising strategy

  • assess musical need through those families and young people who do not currently engage with hub activity

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