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Dorset Music Service's Singing Strategy

The government has set core roles for hubs to ensure national consistency and equality of opportunity, one of them being to develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs and other vocal ensembles are available in the area.

In Dorset the singing strategy funding is distributed via clusters of schools where they work together to access innovative providers to take singing in their schools to the next level. The strategy which guides the development of this project can be seen here:  Singing Strategy 2017/18 (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window).

Singing strategy projects for 2016/17

Please see the variety of ways the funding has supported singing in schools across the county:

PyramidPrioritiesSinging activityDelivered by

To improve the provision of singing, singing in ensembles and to a large audience.

A choral festival featuring individual schools and whole pyramid performances during the Beaminster Festival.

Musical Director - Sammy Hurden


To receive coaching from a vocal leader to sing pop music through the decades. To sing as part of a large group in a theatre.

All schools to learn new songs in preparation for performing with others. Students to learn performance skills and actions. A day of rehearsals and an evening performance at Weymouth PavilionMartine Burt

To promote singing in Reception, Year 1 and 2. To perform together and build a singing hub across Christchurch

Singing workshops in every school to prepare for a showcase of schools singing individually and together. Sharing of resources and musical collaboration.Use of two singing specialists to share the schools.
ChristchurchTo develop singing across schools with a regular large scale performance. To focus on Years 4 -8 and transition.

A 30 minute weekly singing session with Year four and eight students at each school, leading up to the concerts in The Priory Church.

Use of two singing specialists to share the schools.
Corfe HillsTo introduce students to the style of gospel singing. To perform with a live band and record on CDVocal workshops at Lockyer's Middle School during the summer term for Year four's from the main feeder schools, including pupils from Lockyer's (around 50 in total) with a final concert to parents.Root Academy

To enhance existing Year 4 concert improving the confidence of non-specialist teachers. For middle and upper students to engage in musical theatre. To support reception teachers with the foundations of elements of music through singing.

Visiting specialists to work with Year 4 pupils in preparation for the pyramid concert. Large scale musical theatre workshop with London professionals with a performance at Weymouth Pavilion. Colourstrings sessions delivered to all reception classes.

Rhona McGregor

Hanna Trevorrow

Jo Pires


To raise the profile of singing for all children. To broaden knowledge and understanding of different music genres. To provide training to all teachers involved.

Every school will take part in a singing workshop and practice their songs for a showcase performance in their community.

Cath Murray

Beth Goudie


To mount a combined pyramid choir performance. To provide support to enable all schools to run a weekly choir.

Weekly rehearsals run by a combination of teachers and external providers. A workshop rehearsal in each school and a final performance at Lytchett Minster SchoolBrittany Soriano
ShaftesburyTo enable children to improvise and compose songs through inspirational input from professional musicians.The children will work with a singer song writer to compose and perform their own song. Regularly weekly sessions will lead to a final performance. Children will learn to play basic chords, melodies and rhythms.Beth Goudie

To encourage primary age boys to sing and participate in extracurricular opportunities. To provide students with a stylistic knowledge and awareness of musical theatre.

Musical theatre workshop sessions for all involved. Joint primary schools concert of Bugsy Malone songs. Follow-up singing workshops throughout the summer term.Alistair Dean

To ensure that every child sings regularly. To build teachers' confidence to teach singing. To provide a singing performance opportunity

Weekly whole class singing for each school for half a term. This will provide continued professional development as teachers will observe highly skilled professionals leading singing. A short performance to parents will celebrate student's achievements.Liz Radford
Special SchoolsTo develop confidence when singing and performing. To perform a song with instruments and develop listening and performing skills.Singing opportunities will involve students working together as a combined choir with their individually made ukuleles.Utterly Butterly

To sing in two/three part harmony. To create a sense of pride and enjoyment through a pyramid performance, raising the profile of singing.

Learn a selection of songs from different shows and musicals. Take part in a workshop day and culminate in a grand singing performance to parents and the wider community.To be confirmed
VerwoodTo get children involved in singing. To bring together middle and first schools.Singing sessions delivered to each class involved in the project. Followed by first and middle schools concert.Liz Radford

To foster a positive attitude to singing. To work with a professional composer. To create pride and enjoyment through whole school performance.

A songwriter will work with each school to create a 'school song'. Each school will teach it to everyone in their school and then there will be the opportunity to share songs between schools.Liz Radford
Sturminster Newton

To develop confidence and skills of teachers to lead singing. To create pride and enjoyment in performance. To foster the love of singing and music-making.

The schools involved will compose a song for the pyramid.

Helen Coombs

Jan Keen

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