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Out-of-School Clubs in Dorset

What are breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs and where to find one in Dorset?

Out-of-school clubs

Out-of-School Clubs care for school aged children, where they can play and have fun. Clubs are usually based in or near schools, or have a bus service to collect from schools. Many Pre-Schools and Day Nurseries also offer out-of-school clubs.

Clubs run outside of school hours to support working parents and are open for all or some of the following hours:

  • Breakfast Clubs - open in the morning before school, usually from 7.30am
  • After School Clubs - open in the afternoon, usually between 3pm to 6pm
  • Holiday Clubs - open during school holidays, usually between 8am to 6pm

These clubs provide a fun, active, child-led environment that puts play at the forefront of everything they do. Some settings are based on specific specialist activities such as sports or skills workshops. Out-of-School Clubs work in different ways but all aim to provide children with a variety of choices about how they spend their leisure time. All clubs will endeavour to make provision for children who are disabled or have additional needs

Searching for childcare

Use the Family Information Directory to search for an out-of-school club.

Search For Childcare

The Family Information Directory contains records of all Dorset childcare settings. Each record links to the setting's Ofsted report. Read more about Ofsted's role in regulating childcare (opens in a new window)

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