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Blandford Fly

The Blandford Fly is a small black fly, which has caused a major problem to residents of the district due to nuisance biting.

Bites from the notorious fly have been dramatically reduced thanks to aggressive treatment of rivers.

Authorities along the River Stour, including North Dorset, East Dorset and Poole along with North Dorset PCT NHS Trust, contribute to the treatment cost carried out by a specialist contractor.

The larvae are sprayed as they emerge from the river in late April to prevent them reaching adulthood and causing a nuisance to local people.  The Blandford Fly biting season is from late April to the end of June.

There have been considerably less bite reports from members of the public than there were in the late 1980s and this is due to the treatment. We monitor the number of bites reported to assess the level of nuisance.

Bite incidents can be reported direct to us via the email link below and should include the date, time of day and location (eg in the garden).

Please ensure that if you have a reaction to a bite you should seek medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist.

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