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Calculating affordable housing planning obligations in Purbeck

Information and documents for calculating the affordable housing requirement for the development of new dwellings in Purbeck, a Section 106 Agreement template for use when financial contributions are applicable, and a copy of the Three Dragons Toolkit that is used for calculating contributions, plus a proforma that details the information and values used to calculate contributions.

Affordable housing in Purbeck

A corporate priority of Purbeck District Council is to meet local housing needs and evidence shows that affordable housing can be provided as part of some developments, whilst still remaining financially viable.

In order to help meet housing needs, Policy Affordable Housing (AH) of the Purbeck Local Plan Part 1: Planning Purbeck's Future has a requirement for some forms of development to provide affordable homes. The council's requirements for affordable housing are detailed in the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document, which was adopted on the 9 April 2013.

How to calculate the contribution for affordable housing

In summary, Policy AH requires that any schemes for new residential development over two dwellings must provide a proportion as affordable housing.

The council has produced a step-by-step guide, How to calculate the contribution for affordable housing as part of a planning application. It contains a table for calculating the contribution for part of a dwelling.

Independent assessment of development scheme and affordable housing contribution

If you disagree with the affordable housing contribution calculated using the above document, you can apply to the council for an independent assessment of your own viability report by the District Valuer Service (DVS). There is a scale of charges for the assessment, as stated in the Charging Schedule for Viability Assessment by the District Valuation Service, which the council will pass on to the applicant. Please contact Development Management Technical Support for a quote.

Additional work following the issue of the DVS Assessment, for example, discussions of value, will be subject to an administration charge of between £90 to £140 an hour, depending on the level of the officer at the DVS you are dealing with.

The fee is payable on invoice, which will be issued on receipt of the following information.

  • A completed DVS Information Proforma

  • A completed viability appraisal, for example, the Three Dragons Dorset Toolkit (see below) or another third party appraisal

  • Any other information considered relevant

The council will accept the results of the DVS independent assessment. However, the amount payable will be the figure as published in the step-by-step guide, or the DVS valuation, whichever is the lowest value.

Please note: The DVS Information proforma is designed to be saved as a Word document and completed electronically, not hand written. It can be submitted as either, a Planning Portal attachment, by email attachment, or printed and posted.

The Three Dragons Dorset Toolkit

The Three Dragons Dorset Toolkit was used by the council to calculate the commuted sums contained in the step-by-step guide and a completed toolkit can be submitted as part of a request for an independent assessment from the DVS. There is a Three Dragons Affordable Housing Toolkit Pro-forma that details the information and values used to calculate contributions and can be used as a aide to completing the toolkit. Please read the Three Dragons Dorset Toolkit Guidance Notes for additional information regarding the Toolkit. The district has been divided into six areas depending upon land values and these can be viewed on the Sub Markets In Purbeck District Map.

There are other viability toolkits available to use. The council will accept alternative toolkits provided that they contain sufficient information to allow the DVS to make their assessment.

Local requirements for submission with a planning application

The current local list Affordable Housing Statement (LL14) states that applicants must address the policy for affordable housing in the development plan. Applicants need to state that they are either going to comply with the policy or they are not.

If they state they are not, the application will be validated and registered, but this may be a reason for refusal of the application.

If they state they are going to comply, a draft Section 106 Agreement should accompany a submitted application, together with the proof of land ownership.

Draft Section 106 Agreement Templates

Commuted sum contribution. The council has produced a draft Template - Section 106 Agreement - Affordable Housing 29.09.2015 that can be submitted with a planning application. There are guidance notes at the back of the template and an Annotated Section 106 Agreement Guidance Template to aid completion of the Agreement.

Self-build rural exception site. The council has produced a draft Template - Section 106 Agreement - Self-build Single Dwelling that can be submitted with an application for a self-build single dwelling project that will remain affordable in perpetuity for future sales.

Proof of land ownership in the form of Land Registry Title and Plan or, if the land is unregistered, an epitome of title will need to accompany the draft Agreements.

Please note: The Agreements are designed to be saved as Word documents and completed electronically, not hand written. It can be submitted as either a Planning Portal attachment, by email attachment or printed and posted. Only one document is to be submitted with an application.

There is a charge of £350 towards the council's costs in connection with the preparation and completion of the Agreement, payable on or before signing.

Complaining to the council

The council aims to give the best possible service to its customers in a helpful, courteous and efficient manner. If you think the council has not given the matter proper attention or you feel it has been mishandled, there is a formal complaints procedure that is both confidential and impartial to help resolve issues.

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