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Removal of permitted development rights

We can issue 'Article 4 Directions' that withdraw some or all of the permitted development rights in an area.

Certain types of development are allowed without the need for an application. These are called Permitted Development.

We can issue 'Article 4 Directions' that withdraw some or all of these permitted development rights within a particular area.

In addition, individual properties in any area can have their permitted development rights withdrawn by condition from a previous planning permission.

Please check your property records or contact your local planning authority to discover whether your property still has permitted development rights.

Purbeck District Council has fifteen areas covered by Article 4 Directions.

Currently, there are no Article 4 Directions in place in relation to any of the following types of development for which Dorset County Council would be the deciding authority:

  • mining, quarrying and the working of minerals and associated facilities

  • waste disposal or the treating, storing, processing or disposing of refuse or waste materials

  • developments by the county council (for example roads or schools)

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