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Dorset County Council - Planning application forms

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Guidance and forms to make a planning application to Dorset County Council.

We are now using the new online 1APP planning application forms for applications relating to waste developments, county council developments, variation of conditions (section 73 applications) and for certificates for lawful developments. 

The Local List - Validation of planning applications and pre-application advice

The Local List (word, 846kb) (opens in a new window) relates to Waste planning applications and County Development applications, such as works to Local Authority premises, schools, highway-related work and development on county farms.

The document sets out both the statutory and local information requirements to enable the authority to validate an application. It also provides guidance on the information requirements and encourages engagement in pre application discussions. 

Pre-application advice

As from 1 April 2016 Dorset County Council will be charging for discretionary pre-application advice in accordance with national legislation.

This will help to ensure the County Planning Team is able to offer a high quality pre-application service. This can save applicants time and cost in the long run and help to improve the quality of development by flagging up key issues before an application is submitted.

Pre-application process and fee structure

The following attached document sets out the process for initiating pre-application discussions -  DCC pre-application guidance (pdf, 199kb) (opens in a new window)

This explains the general approach to pre-application charging, the levels of service on offer and the costs of the service. It also contains the pre-application advice request form which will need to be completed when requesting the service.

There is also a separate pre-application request form (word, 31kb) (opens in a new window) in word format which you can download, complete electronically and email (contact details are on the both the guidance note and request form).

National Planning Portal

All the above types of application can be submitted using the online 1APP application forms via the National Planning Portal website (opens in a new window). The Planning Portal website explains how to complete and submit an application and also allows you to print off a copy for your own records.

Planning application forms for downloading

Alternatively you can download the application forms and guidance notes by following the links below. You will note these application forms are in pdf format and will therefore, once downloaded, need to be filled out by hand:

Guidance as to when a Design and Access Statement is required and what is required in a Design and Access Statement can be found on the  Section 3 Circular 01/06 (Communities and Local Government): Guidance on Changes to the Development Control System (pdf, 62kb) (opens in a new window)

Mineral Safeguarding Area

As well as other constraints to planning (Such as AONB, heritage and environmental designations)), the Minerals Strategy 2014 updated the Mineral Safeguarding Area within which proposals for major development must be considered by the Mineral Planning Authority.  The  NPPF (opens in a new window) notes that it is important to secure the long term conservation of minerals.  Accordingly, the Mineral Planning Authority has a statutory duty to prevent the sterilisation of minerals to ensure that continued economic growth is supported.

Mineral planning applications

Mineral planning application forms are not included in the 1APP forms.   Any applications relating to mineral developments should be submitted in the Minerals Application Form (pdf, 56kb) (opens in a new window).

The Supplementary Information (pdf, 37kb) (opens in a new window), Land Ownership/Agriculture Holders Certificate (pdf, 83kb) (opens in a new window)and Notice No. 1 (pdf, 15kb) (opens in a new window)can also be downloaded. 

Minerals Application Guidance Notes (pdf, 105kb) (opens in a new window) 

Please note that both the landowner certificate and the agriculture holders certificate need to be completed and signed.


All planning applications should be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

General guidance

See General guidance about the kinds of work for which you need to apply for planning permission.

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