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Purbeck District Council - Submitting a planning application

On this page you will find information and links to the application forms to use when applying for planning permission, the national and local list requirements for your submission, plus notices for informing other people or organisations that have a freehold or leasehold interest in the application site.

How to apply

The best way to submit your planning application is online using the Planning Portal.  Alternatively, email or postal applications are acceptable.

For an application to be valid and registered, the submission must be accompanied with the appropriate information and plans.  Failure to submit the correct information will lead to delays in registering your application. 

Please check the national and local list requirements (pdf, 363kb) (opens in a new window) for planning applications submitted to Purbeck District Council and refer to the  application - list requirement matrix (pdf, 281kb) (opens in a new window) to check which requirements are relevant to your application.

In most cases a fee will be required for your application. Find out what your application will cost

If you are submitting an application by post, Purbeck District Council requires the submission of the following number of application forms, associated documentation and plans:

  • combined applications for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent - Three copies

  • all other applications not listed below - Two copies

  • Certificate of Lawfulness, Existing, Proposed & Listed Building; Non-material Amendment - One copy

  • all prior notifications, pre-application advice requests and informal permitted development enquiries - One copy


Apply online using the Planning Portal


The benefits of using the Planning Portal are:

  • the ability to work on your application in draft before submission
  • immediate delivery and acknowledgment
  • savings on postage and printing costs
  • an online help function when completing applications
  • a Help Centre providing advice on completing your online application. Telephone no. 0333 323 4589
  • an online record of your completed applications.

Application forms for emailing or posting (opens in a new window) are also available from the Planning Portal and submitted for the attention of Development Management Technical Support.

Pre-submission help

Members of the Development Management Technical Support Team can provide help and guidance to you before you submit your planning application. This can take the form of help with filling out an application form, advice as to what documents and plans you will need to submit or a pre-submission check on a complete application to ensure it meets our validation criteria. This does not apply to applications submitted via the Planning Portal or enquiries as to what form to use for a planning application. There is a charge for this service that applies to each visit for guidance, as follows:

  • all applications - £42 - hourly rate (includes £7 VAT)

 For further details, contact Development Management Technical Support

Location and block plans for your application

All planning applications, except non and minor material amendments, will require location and block plans that are normally to a scale of 1:1250 and 1:500, respectively.  It is important that the correct plans are submitted for validation purposes and that the license is valid and not out of date.  Plans can be deemed invalid if the license is out of date, they breach copyright, do not contain a North point or have been downloaded from a previous application for the same location or area.  Plans can be obtained online from a variety of Ordnance Survey registered suppliers, which can be found by using an internet browser search engine.  Alternatively,  the Planning Portal buy a planning map (opens in a new window) web page has links to a selection of suppliers.

Other freehold or leasehold interest in the application site

If there are other people or organisations that have a Freehold or Leasehold interest in the application site, you will need to inform them of your development proposals.  The following forms can be used for this purpose:

Fair Processing Notice

Purbeck District Council will use your personal information to provide you with the service which you or someone acting on your behalf has asked us to provide. We will also use your personal details for purposes of crime prevention and crime detection and will, if asked, share it with other public bodies for that purpose.  The full statement about how we will use your personal details can be seen at Looking after your personal data - Purbeck District Council's commitment to you.

Complaining to the council

The council aims to give the best possible service to its customers in a helpful, courteous and efficient manner. If you think the council has not given the matter proper attention or you feel it has been mishandled, there is a formal complaints procedure that is both confidential and impartial to help resolve issues. 

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