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Purbeck District Council Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Register

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Purbeck District Council has launched an online self-build register. The register is open to anyone interested in building a self-build home in Purbeck.

Self Build

The term self build, also known as custom build, is used when someone obtains a building plot and then builds their own home on the plot.

Self builders create their own homes through a variety of methods. Most will employ an architect to design the house; some will employ a builder to construct it where others may choose to build all or part of the house themselves. Most self builders manage the building site and deal directly with planners, tradespeople and material suppliers. Because of this, self build is an ideal way to create something tailored to your family's requirements.

Self build private housing or self build affordable housing?

There are two types of self build housing: private and affordable. Private is more expensive, as it generally involves purchasing a plot at full market value within a town or village. This can be anything from purchasing from a private developer on a large development site to someone who wishes to split their garden and provide a new plot. Anyone is eligible to apply to build on a private plot.

Affordable self build is different. It is for households eligible to join Purbeck District Council's (the Council) housing register. Households on the housing register can apply to undertake a self build, provided it is for their own occupation. Planning policy normally directs development to within towns and villages, but affordable housing can be an exception to this. This means that it can be built outside villages, provided it meets an identified affordable housing need. As the land outside villages is generally agricultural and has a lower land value than housing plots in towns and villages, this reduces the overall costs to a self builder. Where the council grants planning permission for an affordable self build, a legal agreement will permanently suppress the value of the home. This means that whenever it is resold, it continues to be low cost for future buyers who are on the housing register. Further detail can be found in the council's  Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window) from page 11.

Self Build Exemption from Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge set in Purbeck by the council , which is applied to development to help fund infrastructure required to accommodate growth in Purbeck. Money collected through CIL can be used to help fund infrastructure anywhere in the district

Self build homes are exempt from CIL, subject to a 3-year claw back period where the council will hold a legal charge on your home that will expire after 3 years. Applicants will have to formally apply for this relief. If you sell before 3 years, then the charge becomes payable. Once you have lived in your home for 3 years, the charge is removed.

Register your interest in Self Build online

Purbeck District Council holds a register of people are interested in private self build and affordable self build.

If you are interested in building your own home, complete the Purbeck District Council Self Build Expression of Interest Form online or download the form (pdf, 252kb) (opens in a new window) and return it to the Senior Housing Officer (Policy and Enabling)

Register your interest

Hints and tips

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