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Request different or additional bins, boxes or bags

If you need different or extra bins, boxes or bags you can apply for them here.

Help moving your containers (assisted collection)

If you are disabled or physically unable to move your bins and there is no one else who can help, you can request for us to collect them from a point on your property, such as your back door. This is called an assisted collection.

You can request an assisted collection on behalf of someone else if you have their permission.

Request an assisted collection

Requesting different or additional containers

Using your recycling and food waste collections correctly should reduce your rubbish. We collect extra recycling if you put it in your own boxes.

You can request different containers if there is a genuine reason why the the standard 'recycle for Dorset' containers are not suitable for your household's needs. For example, if you:

  • need a bigger rubbish bin because of an increase in the number of people living in your household (5 or more people)
  • have children in disposable nappies
  • produce more rubbish for medical reasons

NOTE: Purbeck residents that have recently received a red tag on their bin should contact the Dorset Waste Partnership directly (opens in a new window).

Please select 'Other' from the drop down menu and type your request in the text box provided at the bottom of the page.

Request bigger bin for larger household

Request extra capacity for disposable nappies

Request bigger bin for medical waste

You must confirm that any information you give is correct and you may be asked for evidence to support your request. All requests are assessed according to the 'recycle for Dorset' service policy and may be subject to a visit by a DWP officer.

Successful applications for a bigger bin for a larger household or extra capacity for disposable nappies will be subject to an administration and delivery charge.  We will review all exceptions to the service and assisted collections periodically.

Requesting battery bags

Household batteries, including AA, AAA, 'button' and rechargeable batteries, can be recycled at most leading supermarkets and household recycling centres. They can also be collected at the kerbside, provided they are placed in one of our reusable battery bags and put out with your regular recycling collection. The bag will be emptied and returned alongside your recycling bins.

Request a battery bag

Blue sack delivery

If you qualify to receive an annual supply of DWP-authorised blue rubbish sacks, you can check when your blue sack delivery is due. You can also find out if you are able to request a one-off extra supply if you have run out of blue sacks early.

Check when your blue rubbish sacks are due

New build properties and new residents

If you have just moved into a new or redeveloped property which doesn't appear to have a full set of 'Recycle for Dorset' bins, please check with your estate agent (or the previous owner) that the house has not previously been sent a set.

If you still believe the house has never received a full set of bins, you will need to request them.  Successful applications will be subject to a one-off administration and delivery charge.

Garden waste bin

Our Garden Waste collections are an optional service with an annual charge. You can find out more by visiting our Garden Waste section.


Chat with the Dorset Waste Partnership

  • Request a new bin

    How to request a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged recycling box, food caddy, bin or other waste container

  • Glass box, food waste bin and kitchen caddy collection points

    Residents who are already receiving the recycle for Dorset service can collect green boxes for glass, brown lockable food bins and brown kitchen caddies from the following locations. Please note that mixed recycling boxes and wheelie bins will be delivered to your property and cannot be collected.

  • Container charging - Terms and conditions

    The Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) offers optional extra bin capacity to Dorset residents, provided they meet certain criteria. These terms and conditions formalise the arrangement between the DWP and the customer in regards to charging for this extra capacity.

Chat with the Dorset Waste Partnership

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