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Garden waste collection in Dorset

Apply for a garden waste bin with our fortnightly garden waste collection.


The next start date for the garden waste service is 1 April 2017. Sign up by 28 February 2017


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What the garden waste service costs

(2017/18 for a service starting in April 2017)

  • a 240-litre wheelie bin in 2017/18 costs £47.50 for a full year
  • a year's supply of compostable sacks (for properties unable to use wheelie bins only) costs £42.50 for a full year
  • there are other shorter collection periods available, dependent on when customers subscribe to the service - please see table below

When your garden waste service will start

There are eight different collection periods each year, starting in April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December. Your bin will be delivered in time for your collection service to start.

Collection periodApplication periodCost (bin service)Cost (sack service)
April to March1 November to 28 February£47.50£42.50 (50 sacks)
May to March1 March to 31 March£46£41 (46 sacks)
June to March1 April to 30 April£44£39 (42 sacks)
July to March1 May to 31 May£42£37 (38 sacks)
August to March1 June to 30 June£38£33 (34 sacks)
September to March1 July to 31 July£35£30 (30 sacks)
October to March1 August to 31 August£32£27 (26 sacks)
December to March1 September to 31 September£28£23 (18 sacks)


The service renewal date for existing customers is 31 March (the final date of your collection period). The garden waste service is subject to terms and conditions, which formalise the arrangement between the DWP and the customer.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

  • hedge cuttings
  • grass cuttings
  • twigs and small branches
  • plants
  • cut flowers
  • leaves
  • small amounts of home-grown
    fruit and vegetables

You can still compost your garden waste at home or take it to a household recycling centre free of charge.

The garden waste we collect is recycled to produce compost.




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