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In Year Fair Access and Managed Moves

The In Year Fair Access panel helps place vulnerable children in schools.

All authorities operate and all schools must participate in an In Year Fair Access scheme. The aims are:

  • To ensure that the needs of vulnerable young people, who are not on roll of any school, are dealt with quickly and sympathetically
  • Reduce the time that hard to place pupils spend out of school
  • Ensure that no school, including those with available places, is asked to take a disproportionate number of children who have been excluded from other schools, or who have challenging behaviours
  • Be fair and transparent

Who meets the criteria?

Children will be considered by the panel when they have no school place and meet one of the following criteria:

● Is currently attending a learning centre

● Has been out of education for longer than one school term

● Has had 15+ days of fixed term exclusions in the last 12 months.

● Has been permanently excluded

When does the panel meet and who attends:

Meetings will be every three weeks and chaired by a lead officer from School Admissions. The panel will include a member/s from the Special Educational Needs Team, Children in Care Service and a Head Teacher. There should be a minimum of 3 members of the panel present.

The Weymouth and Portland panel will include all secondary Head Teachers (or a nominated representative).

When an application meets the criteria:

  • a request for background information will be sent to the existing/previous school. This information will be submitted to the panel
  • any school identified on the application as a preference will be made aware and invited to provide evidence to the panel

The panel will consider the circumstances of the individual application in terms of,

  • preference
  • readiness for mainstream school
  • current pupil numbers
  • transport implications
  • which school is best able to meet the pupil's needs
  • current school profile and previous allocations

Applications will be considered for provision within the local area of the home address. This is to enable a reasonable distribution of children and ensure workable support. It is also to meet the legislative requirements for transport.

Upon determination, the nominated school will be invited to admit the applicant within 15 days of notification, unless in the interim period the applicant is assessed by the School as requiring extra support which is not readily available. Where extra support is needed the applicant will be required to be on roll of the nominated school within 3 - 6 weeks of notification.

For further details please read the  In Year Fair Access Policy (pdf, 115kb) (opens in a new window).

We also have a Managed Move Protocol (pdf, 45kb) (opens in a new window) for children where the move from one educational establishment to another needs to be managed carefully.

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