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Admission appeals

If your child is not offered a place at your preferred school, you can submit an appeal against this decision.

Before submitting an appeal form, please read the guide for parents. (pdf, 225kb) (opens in a new window).

Appeal online

Admission appeals timetable

Local Authority to publish appeals
timetable to include:
28 February
a. For a parent to submit an AppealAt least 20 school days from the parent
receiving notice of the refusal of a place
at a school
b. Notice of the Appeal HearingAt least 10 school days before the
c. Appellants (usually the parents) to
submit evidence
8 school days before the Appeal
d. Admission Authority (the school) to
submit their evidence
e. The Clerk (the person organising the
appeal) sends Appeal papers to parents,
the panel and the school
5 school days before the Appeal
f. Additional evidence from the
Appellants. (Sometimes the Appellants
wish to provide additional information
after seeing all the papers)
g. Decision letters sent to the Appellants.
(The letter that informs the Appellant if
their Appeal has been Upheld or
Within 5 school days of the hearing
(wherever possible)
h. For applications made in the Normal
Admissions Round Appeals must be
Within 40 school days of the deadline
for lodging appeals (see a. above)
i. For In Year and Late Applications
(those that came in after the deadline
and have not been decided by the offer
date) Appeals must be heard
Within 30 school days of the Appeal


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