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Adding a child to a schools waiting list

How to add your child to a Dorset schools waiting list or renew your place on a waiting list.

Adding your child to a waiting list

You will only be able to add your child to the waiting list if you have been refused or you are wishing to renew your place.

If you wish to be on a waiting list for the Dorset school/s you have been refused or wishing to renew your place on the waiting list you should fill out the online application:

Add your child to a waiting list

Please be aware placing your child on waiting list does not guarantee that they will be offered a place at that school.

If any place/s become available at the school we will consider:

  • any current applications
  • anyone on the waiting list
  • pending appeals

Places are not allocated on a first come first served basis but will be allocated in accordance with the over subscription criteria according to the Admissions Policy for the school.

The waiting list will only be ranked in accordance with the school/s policy if and when a place becomes available; therefore it is not possible for us to advise what position your child is on the waiting list. If we are able to offer your child a place, we will contact you.


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