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Medical sharps collection

If you have a box of medical sharps that you need to dispose of, we may be able to help.


Please note: This information is for residents who need to dispose of used medical sharps. If you find a discarded syringe on public land, please check our guidance on reporting these items.


Residents with medical sharps should ensure they are kept in a sealed sharps box. The box can then be returned to GP's surgeries for safe disposal, or alternatively, taken to a pharmacy that provides a needle exchange service.

If this isn't possible, please contact the Dorset Waste Partnership directly via e-mail or by calling 01305 221040 to discuss your options.

You shouldn't put used needles or other sharps:

  • in your household waste, recycling bin or any other general rubbish bin
  • in a container that's no longer needed, such as a drinks can or bottle

Needles can cause injuries. Used needles can carry blood-borne viruses that may be passed on to other people.

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