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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) in North Dorset

One of the key messages coming from Central Government is the need to significantly increase the supply of housing. To achieve this local planning authorities have to undertake a SHLAA.

The SHLAA assesses the suitability of sites for housing to establish what land is available for development. It does not grant permission for housing and it does not mean that a site identified in the assessment will be granted planning permission in the future. It is a technical exercise to assess the theoretical potential within North Dorset for housing and helps to form future policy on housing development.

SHLAA B&P HMA Final Methodology (pdf, 361kb) (opens in a new window)     SHLAA Panel Protocol & Minutes (pdf, 351kb) (opens in a new window)

SHLAA 2010

Since the first assessment in 2007 was completed, several changes have occurred in national planning policy which has necessitated a full review of the SHLAA.

The  2010 SHLAA Report (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window) updates the assessment taking into account these national changes and includes any newly submitted sites or sites that have been granted planning permission since the 2007 assessment was completed. It also includes a brief update in relation to the completions and new permissions to 31 March 2011.

Assessed sites

The latest position on sites assessed as part of the SHLAA have been mapped and can be viewed on mapped SHLAA results.

Future updates

In the future, the housing supply position in the district will be reported in the North Dorset Annual Monitoring Report and Development Statistics. In addition a brief report will be produced on an annual basis to update housing completions data and include any new SHLAA sites.

A full review of the SHLAA will only be undertaken, for example when the current Local Plan is replaced or if other significant changes make a review necessary.

Submitting additional sites

If anyone has land that they consider suitable for housing and wish for this to be assessed as part of the SHLAA process, they should submit the details of the site to the Council. Sites should be submitted by completing a  Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment form (word, 108kb) (opens in a new window) and sending it to the Council accompanied by a location map, maps can be printed on Dorset Explorer (opens in a new window), clearly showing the site boundaries. A separate form and separate map must be completed for each site. Once a site has been submitted, please keep the council updated with any changes that occur in relation to the site for example, changes in ownership or in site availability.

SHLAA 2007

The 2007 SHLAA Report (pdf, 985kb) (opens in a new window) reflects the housing land supply situation in North Dorset as of 31 March 2007 and includes a brief update of the housing figures to 31 March 2008.

Excluded sites are hatched in red and included sites are hatched in green.

To assist in locating sites, maps have been arranged by Parish.

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