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Sight and hearing services

We provide a range of services for people with a visual impairment or who are d/Deaf (d/Deaf is a term used to cover all people with some type of deafness and includes those who are hard of hearing, partially deaf or profoundly deaf).

Specialist workers from Dorset County Council, Adult and Community Services, Sight and Hearing teams are available for help and advice.


Your specialist worker will listen to your needs and offer support. They can talk to you about your condition, how it might affect your future, give advice and tell you about other services that may benefit you. There will be ample opportunity to talk about all your circumstances and needs in the course of the assessment. 

When Adult and Community Services are helping to meet identified needs, a care plan will be drawn up to show how this will take place. You will always be provided with a copy of this plan.

To request an assessment if you are a new customer or have no current involvement with us, please contact the Adult Access Team.

If you currently receive a service from us, please contact your allocated worker at the social care local office.


If you are caring for someone at home, you can find help and advice for carers.


There is a wide range of equipment available designed to help resolve individual problems.  We can discuss various items of equipment with you, how they can best meet your needs and where you can get them from. See our Home adaptations, equipment and aids page.

Daily living

If you are finding it difficult to manage in the kitchen or around the home in other ways we can give you advice to make your day-to-day life easier, increase your independence and safety.


We can offer help and advice about getting around safely and this may include alternative ways of doing things, to make them easier.  We also offer 'long cane' training.

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