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Street cleaning in Dorset

Street cleaning in Dorset is carried out by the Dorset Waste Partnership. This includes street cleansing, removing fly-tipping and emptying litter and dog bins.

The street cleaning service includes public highways, footpaths (including link paths in estates) and verges that have been adopted by the council.

The service also covers other council property but does not extend to private communal areas, car parks, footpaths or open spaces.

Street cleaning services

The Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) carries out routine/planned work as well as responding to requests for the following:

  • periodic inspections and sweeping of roads and paths
  • leaf, litter and detritus removal
  • litter and dog bin checks, emptying, repairs, replacement and relocation
  • 'paladin' bin placement and emptying at certain times including summer and special events, such as food festivals and carnivals
  • clearing up after road traffic accidents
  • additional sweeping and cleansing for special events


The council removes syringes from the highway and public places. We can remove them from private land if easily accessible.

Syringes are sometimes found in public toilets. We ask our cleaning contractor to remove them, but please report them if you find them.  We will arrange for any syringes in public places to be removed.

If you find a syringe in a public place outside of normal working hours, please contact your local district/borough council via our out of hours contact number.

Hedges and drives

If you have a hedge outside your property, make sure it does not obstruct or overhang any footpaths.  Overgrown hedges outside houses are a hazard to people walking by and an obstruction to our staff trying to clean pavements. Note: High hedges can also be a nuisance

If you have a gravel driveway, make sure it does not encroach onto the public highway.  Loose gravel is a hazard to people using the footpath and an additional pressure on the cleansing service‚Äč


Responsibility for beach cleaning varies from area to area. Some, such as Weymouth, are serviced by the DWP. Others, such as Swanage, are looked after by different councils.

Beach BBQ etiquette

  • never bury your BBQ in the sand or shingle when you have finished with it because it retains heat for a long time and could cause injury to a person or animal if stepped on
  • never put a used BBQ in to a bin, take it home to dispose of safely

How you can help us

  • when visiting the beach, please take your waste away with you or use the bins provided
  • do not take dogs onto the beach outside of designated times and locations

Report it online

To report a street cleaning or litter problem, please use our online form.

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