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Divers clean air scheme in Dorset

A scheme has been set up for promoting confidence in the quality of divers' air supplied through Dorset dive shops.

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that divers are supplied with good clean breathing air. Dive shops that take part in the scheme sign up to a charter that recognises and applies the principles of good compressor management as stated in BS EN 12021 (Respiratory protective devices-Compressed air for breathing apparatus). This British Standard recommends maximum limits for impurities in cylinder air so, under the scheme, samples of compressed breathing air are tested regularly and the results are displayed prominently to give divers information about the performance of the compressor at the time of testing.

The scheme benefits dive shops and divers by improving confidence in the quality of air supplied. Unsatisfactory results indicate problems with the compressor, enabling dive shops to correct the situation and contribute to the promotion of diver safety.

Please ring our business advice line if you supply divers' air and would like to join this scheme.

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