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Parking permits for East Dorset car parks

Parking permit information for East Dorset car parks (Wimborne Minster).

Parking permit information for East Dorset car parks

Wimborne Minster and Ferndown- Penny's Lodge

East Dorset District Council uses an online system for purchasing a parking permit. By using the system you will no longer receive a physical permit, instead receiving a virtual permit.

Please ensure you enter the correct registration number into the system- particular care should be taken when entering 0 (zero, the number) and O (the letter).  Mistakes will result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

The information below gives this year's pricing (April 2017 - March 2018) and a link to the online system. Some permits still require a paper form to be completed and submitted.

Long stay (Wimborne Minster only)

Apply for a permit Change your details

  • full year £210
  • 9 months £188
  • 6 months £118
  • 3 months £70

See full terms and conditions for a long stay permit

Short stay

Apply for a permit Change your details

  • full year £75
  • 9 months £60
  • 6 months £45
  • 3 months £22.50

See full terms and conditions for a short stay permit


Apply for a permit Change your details

(Wimborne Minster residents only who have no off-street parking and have waiting restrictions on the road outside their property)

  • full year first vehicle registered at address £50
  • full year second or more vehicles vehicle registered at same address £75

No refunds are available for any type of Resident permit

Please note: Residents Permits are not valid in the following car parks, CO-OP (Crown Mead), Waitrose (Rowlands Hill), High Street, Deans Court Traders, Walford Mill, Wimborne or Pennys Lodge, Ferndown.

Applications for East Dorset Residential Parking Permits, must also be accompanied with the following documented evidence:

A copy of the agreement on letter headed note paper from the owner/estate agent, with reference to the rental/lease agreement, stating that there is no provision of any off street parking for the named property.

It is a requirement that you are included, or intend to be included within 12 months, on the Electoral Register, as being resident at the named property.  You can apply to register to vote (opens in a new window)

A copy of your DVLA vehicle registration document, or vehicle hire agreement, will be required in order to confirm that the vehicle is driven by you for your own use.  Should the DVLA document or vehicle hire agreement indicate that the vehicle is registered or hired to your employer or another organisation, it will be necessary to provide the Council with documentary proof or a company letter, to confirm hat you are the authorised user of the vehicle.

Please accept the Council's apologies for the requirement to provide such detailed documentary evidence.  However, this preferential facility has been subject to abuse in the past.

See full terms and conditions for a resident permit

Disabled parking exemption permits

If you are a Disabled Badge Holder, you may apply for a free disabled parking exemption permit if you are in receipt of one of the allowances listed below. Please be aware that the permit will be valid from the date of issue and will expire at the same time as your disabled badge. This will entitle you to free unlimited parking in any of East Dorset District Council Pay and Display Car Parks. The permit must be used for the benefit of the Disabled Badge Holder only and must not be used by any other person. A valid Disabled Badge must be displayed in conjunction with the permit. In the event of a lost or damaged permit a £5.00 charge will be made for each replacement permit. The qualifying criteria are:-

  1. high rate mobility allowance of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or enhanced mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - a score of 10 or 12 points
  2. high rate attendance allowance (if over 65 years of age)
  3. low rate attendance allowance (if over 65 years of age) and are incapable of walking more than 30 metres (written statement required)
  4. war pensions mobility supplement

You must also supply a copy of the front and back of your blue badge when applying for a disabled exemption permit.

See full East Dorset District Council - Disabled Parking Exemption Permit terms and conditions

Apply for a disabled exemption permit

Apply for a permit Change your details

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