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How your contact with Dorset Highways is managed

We investigate all enquiries we receive, and if an issue is identified, it will be dealt with within the agreed timescales that the council has for fixing faults.

This information is given as a guide. Every piece of contact we receive is different, but in general these are the timescales we aim to work towards.

General enquiries

We define an 'enquiry' as contact with us asking a question, request for a service and so on.

When we receive an enquiry, we aim to respond within 10 working days (unless otherwise specified.)

If we are unable to make a full response within this timescale, we will acknowledge your enquiry at the first stage, then investigate and make a full response as soon as we can after that - this will usually be within 28 days.

Some enquiries need significant investigation, such as site visits, or involvement by a number of different departments and so this timescale may have to be extended. Never-the-less we aim to keep you informed of our progress.

Highway fault reports

We define a 'fault' as things like potholes, damaged signs and other issues that we need to fix.

When you log a fault with us, the most urgent faults will be rectified as soon as possible, or, at the very least we will make the situation safe until we can fully repair the problem.

In practice, faults on the road, pavement or street furniture will be repaired anywhere between a few hours to 28 days on average depending on the risk posed to road users. Some faults may take even longer, if they present a very low risk. Furthermore, some defects are the responsibility of third-parties like Utility companies and they will have their own separate timescales.

For example, traffic lights not working is treated as a priority issue and are fixed or resolved to a state required for safety within a matter of hours. That's in comparison to, for example, a twisted sign on a minor road, this is deemed less important and so the response time will certainly be longer.


Whilst we investigate all communications we receive via our online form, and attend to the most severe problems in accordance with our responsibilities as Highway Authority, there can be no guarantee that the problem you report will warrant any action.

Report and track road issues and enquiries

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