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Dorset Highways services, licensing and applications

See the range of paid for services and licenses provided by Dorset Highways

Highway licences

Read more about Highway licences
Apply for a licence for a skip, scaffolding and other highway obstructions

No-waiting cones

Read more about No-waiting cones
You can hire or purchase cones from Dorset Highways for use at events across Dorset

Dropped kerbs

Read more about Dropped kerbs
A dropped kerb allows vehicles to safely and legally cross the pavement from the road to a driveway

MOT and vehicle care

Read more about MOT and vehicle care
Dorset Highways Fleet Services offer a range of vehicle maintenance and MOTs.

Events on the highway

Read more about Events on the highway
Guidance, information and relevant application forms for event planners in Dorset

Access protection markings

Access protection markings are single white lines painted on the tarmac in front of driveways and other accesses. They are unenforceable 'courtesy' markings.

Report and track road issues and enquiries

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