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Apply for a dropped kerb

A dropped kerb allows vehicles to safely and legally cross the pavement from the road to a driveway

Who can apply?

You must use Dorset Highways or a contractor who is authorised to work on the highway to put in a dropped kerb or widen an existing vehicle access to your property. 

This page gives you information on what you need to consider before either Dorset Highways or a third party contractor can put in a dropped kerb and will help you decide whether your property is suitable.

Before you start

Planning permission:

You must check if planning permission is needed with your borough or district council if you live on or in one of the following:

If you are forming a drive on your property this may also require planning. If you are unsure whether planning permission is required, check with your district or borough council.

Private roads:

If you live on a private road you will need permission from the landowner or the organisation that is responsible for the maintenance of the road.

Enough space for a vehicle:

You must have at least 5 metres between the back of the pavement and your property to allow enough space for a vehicle to be parked on the driveway. Any vehicle stored on you property must not over hang the road or pavement. 


  • can you safely get on and off your drive? 
  • do you have good visibility in both directions to be able to see vehicles and pedestrians approaching?
  • is your driveway a safe distance from any junctions?

Parking restrictions

If there are parking restrictions (e.g. parking bays, residents parking) where you want to create a vehicle access to your property, you might have to request for the restrictions to be changed to make sure people don't block access to your driveway. 

Information for developers

If you are building a group of houses or other development and the new access is not covered by a section 38 or 278 agreement, please contact us to discuss what you have planned.

Next steps

If you're happy that your property meets these conditions and planning permission has been granted (if applicable), you can arrange for the work to be carried out by Dorset Highways or your chosen contractor.

Contractors will apply to us for a licence and once we receive the application, Dorset Highways will visit the site to determine its suitability. If the site is suitable, your contractor will be notified and the work can start.

Request a quote

As a guideline, a typical 5 metre dropped kerb on a 1.8m wide footway costs around £1600. 

Dorset Highways can guide you through the process of applying for a dropped kerb and carry out the work for you. You can request a quote from us:

Get a quote

Alternatively, you can use a third party contractor to carry out the work. See further guidance and conditions of using a third party contractor.

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